Mesa Campus WI-FI

Wi-Fi at Mesa

The San Diego Community College District is in the midst of installing a new and vastly improved Wi-Fi network called SDCCD-Campus-Connect that will ensure fast, stable connections to the internet no matter where you are on any campus or the district offices. The new Wi-Fi network also offers enhanced security measures to safeguard your information.  SDCCD-Campus-Connect was first launched at the College of Continuing Education and has since expanded to City College. The new Wi-Fi system is now expanding to Mesa College, along with the District Office, College Police, and District Service Center, by the end of November.

We are excited to announce that we will be getting new Wi-fi at Mesa College THIS Month – on Monday, November 27, 2023!

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How Do I Connect to the Wi-Fi?


  1. Select the SDCCD-Campus-Connect network
  2. Authenticate with your mySDCCD ID and password


  1. Select the SDCCD-Campus-Connect network
  2. Authenticate with your SDCCD email and windows credentials


Visitors can access free Wi-Fi service easily by logging into the SDCCD’s Guest Network (SDCCD-Campus-Connect-Guest) and clicking the “Accept & Connect” prompt.

  • Logging on through this manner is similar to logging on at airports, sports stadiums, and the like.
  • Those logging on as a guest will have access for up to four hours and are required to log in again once access expires.

Need Help?

In-person support will be available during the launch at each of the campuses and District facilities, including the library at City College, Student Services kiosks at College of Continuing Education campuses, and high-traffic areas at Mesa and Miramar colleges.

  • You can also read more about SDCCD-Campus-Connect on the District’s NewsCenter website.
  • Anyone experiencing challenges connecting to a campus Wi-Fi should visit the SDCCD’s help desk portal at