Personal Growth Courses

Personal Growth Courses

Personal growth classes provide students with essential skills for academic and lifelong success. Covering personal development areas like motivation, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills, these courses promote self-exploration and strategic life planning. They aim to improve students' emotional, social, and professional competencies, fostering resilience and adaptability for a balanced and successful life.

Personal Growth 120

Personal Growth 120 - College Success and Lifelong Learning

This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning skills. Students explore topics such as motivation and attitudes, values, goal setting, decision-making processes, critical and creative thinking, personal health topics, interpersonal communication, developmental psychology, and learning and personality theories, as well as other techniques for maximizing their abilities to succeed as lifelong learners. Students apply these topics as they relate to their self-development as integrated physiological and psychological entities and acquire strategies to effectively deal with issues in their personal lives and educational and career plans.

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Personal Growth 130

Personal Growth 130 - Career-Life Planning

This course is designed to assist students with self-exploration, career transitions and career-life planning in order to achieve success in a diverse society. Critical thinking skills will be utilized through a systematic approach to career development by examining values, interests, skills, life roles, personality type, personal self-management, decision-making and goal setting throughout the life span. This course is designed for new and re-entry students and others who can benefit.

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Personal Growth 140

Personal Growth 140 - Life Skills and Personal Adjustment

This course is designed for students who want to learn and acquire effective ways for developing their emotional, social, educational, and professional life skills. This course is a practical study of the principles and application of strategies that assist in the development of coping and life skills. Topics include self-esteem and compassion, self-discipline, self-responsibility, self-assertion, and living a consciously balanced life in pursuit of defined educational, career, and life goals.

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Personal Growth 160

Personal Growth 160 - Stress Management and Well-Being in the Modern World

This course is an opportunity to explore, assess, and evaluate stress management and holistic well-being across the lifespan. The course explores the mind-body relationship (psychophysiology) of stress, stressors across the lifespan, coping skills, and interventions. Emphasis is placed on managing stress and anxiety in the modern world. Topics include well-being in relation to career, physical and mental health, finances, relationships, and community connection. This course is designed for students seeking help with stress management, holistic well-being, and life balance.

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