Radiologic Technology

How to Apply

Allied Health programs have special admissions processes with limited enrollment capacities and high student demand. The Radiologic Technology Program accepts a class of approximately 60 – 64 students every two years. The class size is determined by clinical availability and other regulatory guidelines. Be sure to follow each of the following steps to apply for enrollment into the Radiologic Technology program.

Next application period: March 2026

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply for Admission to Mesa College

    Not a current Mesa College student? Before you submit an application to any of the Allied Health programs, you will need to apply for admission to Mesa College. Becoming a student is free and easy.

    Apply to Mesa

  2. Attend a Program Information Session - Recommended but not required

    Learn more about what it takes to apply and succeed as a student in the Radiologic Technology program.

    Information sessions coming soon!

Program Prerequisites

Five prerequisites are required to apply for the Radiologic Technology program:

  • BIOL 160 Elements of Human Anatomy & Physiology (4 units) or equivalent course - If another college divides this into two courses, both courses must be taken & a lab must be included. (5-yr deadline from application date)
  • MATH (Only one Math course listed below is required & must be completed within the 5-yr deadline from application date)
    MATH 104
    Trigonometry or
    MATH 116 College & Matrix Algebra, or
    MATH 118 Math for Liberal Arts Student, or
    MATH 119 Elementary Statistics or the following Statistics courses: BIOL 200, BUSE 115, HEIT 256, POLI 201, PSYC 258
    MATH 121 Basic Techniques of Applied Calculus I or higher Calculus courses or
    MATH 141 Precalculus
  • PHYS 100 Introductory Physics or equivalent course. A lab is not required for the program; however, if physics is taken at a college outside the District, a higher level may be required to meet the general education requirements. (5-yr deadline from application date)
  • MEDA 110 Medical Terminology or equivalent course (5-yr deadline from application date)
  • COMS 103 Oral Communication or (Only one communications course listed is required - NO expiration date)
    COMS 135 Interpersonal Communication or
    COMS 170 Small Group Communication or
    COMS 180 Intercultural Communication or equivalent course

NOTE: All prerequisite courses have a 5-year expiration deadline from the application date, except for COMS courses.

1.  Completion of the following prerequisite (or equivalent) courses with a minimum grade of “C” or higher is required within the last 5 years prior to applying.  When taking prerequisite courses at another institution, please verify with counseling, before enrollment, that they transfer to Mesa College.  

2.  Completion of general education (GE) courses with a passing grade are required for students applying without a conferred degree.  Meet with a Mesa College counselor for an education plan of courses that satisfies the GE requirement for an associate degree with SDCCD.

OR  Proof of a conferred degree, Associate or higher.  Make sure all official transcripts are sent to the SDCCD Transcript Office by the deadline. 

NO in-progress prerequisite courses will be accepted. At the present time, radiology courses from other Radiology Programs do not transfer and the program does not accept Advancement Placement.

Courses completed during the Spring 2026 Intersession semester will not be accepted.

  1. Submit Your Official Transcripts OR Signed Education Plan

    Required documentation: An official transcript showing that an associate degree or higher has been conferred OR an education plan, signed by a Mesa College counselor, showing that all GE requirements have been met.
    Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities that you have attended. Official transcripts must be submitted by deadline TBD and an evaluation must be requested. For more information about transcripts, visit the Transcripts webpage.

    Note: If you have completed your prerequisites at City, Mesa, or Miramar College, you do not need to submit an official transcript. Your transcript will be obtained directly from the SDCCD records office on your behalf.

    Education Plans:

    Students should ask their Mesa College Counselor to email Ed Plans to Special Admissions by TBD.

    For questions contact special admissions:
    619-388-2682 or 619-388-5713

  2. Complete the Online Program Application

    Complete the online application for the Radiologic Technology program within the application time period from March 2026 times TBD. Your application should include specified contact information, program specific information, and required prerequisite course documentation.

    Access the Online Application

  3. Update Your Contact Information

    You are responsible for maintaining a current email address with Special Admissions and responding to requests for confirmation of your continued interest in admission into the program sent during the year. Be sure to return each such notice by the stipulated date to maintain the admission status.

What to Expect After You Apply

Applications will be reviewed for completeness after the application deadline by the Admissions Committee. Incomplete applications and those received after the deadline will NOT be considered. Qualified applicants will be determined through a random lottery.

  • TBD – The Radiologic Technology Program will email application status letters to the email address listed on the application.
  • TBD – Applicants must send an email response to confirm their application status. If the applicant does not confirm by this date, their name will be removed from the list.

Withdraw Your Application

Any candidate wishing to withdraw or cancel their application or postpone admission must provide immediate written communication to the college’s Special Admissions Clerk. If you cannot be reached or fail to respond to admissions emails expressing your interest in the program, your name will be withdrawn from the waitlist.

Earn Your ARRT Certification

To be eligible for certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), candidates must comply with the “Rules of Ethics” contained in the ARRT Standards of Ethics. The Rules of Ethics are standards of minimally acceptable professional conduct for all registered technologists and applicants. Exam candidates are required to report any conviction or plea of guilty for a crime as an adult, including felonies and misdemeanors, with the sole exception of speeding and parking violations. All alcohol and drug related violations must be reported. All reported violations will be investigated by the ARRT to determine eligibility to take the national certification exam.

Individuals with a criminal record are highly recommended to submit an ARRT pre-application ethics review before applying to the program. The district, college and program are not responsible for the outcome of the ARRT’s decision concerning eligibility. The Rules of Ethics and pre-application information may be accessed directly from the ARRT at 651-687-0048 or .

Continue Your Education

Mesa College has a very extensive transfer program with over 4,000 colleges & universities in the U.S. At the present time, radiology courses from other Radiology programs do not transfer and the program does not accept Advancement Placement. California State University Northridge offers multiple programs in Advanced Imaging CT & MRI. Mesa College maintains an articulation agreement with CSUN.

View Cal State Northridge Programs

Loma Linda University offers multiple programs in Advanced Imaging, Radiation Sciences Bachelor's Degree & Radiation Science Master's Degree.

View Loma Linda University Programs

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