Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts Program

The Dramatic Arts program offers a comprehensive performing arts education that includes both actor training and hands-on technical training in theatre production. Whether you are preparing a monologue for an audition, building a character for a major role, or designing for a show, our drama courses in film and theatre production will prepare you to manage every phase of a project. Drama majors compose the core members of the Mesa College Theatre Company, which provides an immersive experience on all mainstage productions. Here, artists learn to hone their craft, develop collaboration skills, and cultivate empathy and compassion, all while practicing proper professional etiquette. You will have the opportunity to design scenery, lights, costumes, makeup, sound, props, and may participate in directing opportunities depending on your major. You will work alongside experienced and seasoned faculty and staff who care about your success and believe in fostering a positive, safe, and creative environment. Whether your goals are for the stage or screen, your education in Mesa College’s Dramatic Arts program will prepare you for a fulfilling career in the dramatic arts.

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