Health & Wellness Community Clinic


Welcome to the San Diego Mesa College Health and Wellness Community Clinic. This clinic is a learning environment in which students will engage in client treatment situations while enrolled in an Allied Health program at San Diego Mesa College to prepare for employment in the healthcare field.

The San Diego Mesa College Health and Wellness Community Clinic does not intend to become a competitor for healthcare services in the San Diego region, but instead wishes to aid the community and its patronage by providing healthcare opportunities to those who have financial limitations. Those clients who have resources through community services both public and private should continue or initiate services in that manner.

Educating clinicians of tomorrow while providing equitable access to health and wellness services for the community today.


All clients of the San Diego Mesa College Health and Wellness Community Clinic will be working with students under the supervision of licensed clinicians. All clients will provide a learning opportunity and assist the student in meeting their educational goals. The following programs offer services through the Health & Wellness Clinic.


Physical Therapy Program

The art and science of physical or corrective rehabilitation or of physical or corrective treatment of any bodily or mental condition of any person. The practice of physical therapy includes the promotion and maintenance of physical fitness to enhance the bodily movement related to the health and wellness of individuals through the use of physical therapy interventions. [adapted from CA Law - Business and Professions Code, Chapter 2, Chap 5.7 Article 2 section 2620]

Dental Assistant Program

The need for dental services is established first through a licensed dentist to determine the services that are needed. The services that would be provided if the patient is determined to be in need of those services. The services that are offered are as follows: Dental Exam, Digital Full mouth X-ray (20), Panorex, cephalometric x-ray, Coronal prophylaxis, pit and fissure sealants.

Services are availabe Monday - Friday at various times during the semester.

Community Clinic Coordinator

Amanda Johnston PTA, M.Ed. Program Director Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Co-Department Chair, Allied Health
School of Health Sciences & Public Service 619-388-2229 Office: S-315
Karen Wait Program Director of Dental Assisting School of Health Sciences & Public Service 619-388-5884 Office: S-315
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