Whether you are a music major or looking to supplement your studies with vocal and instrumental courses, all students are encouraged to participate in one or more of San Diego Mesa College’s music ensembles. Earn degree credit as you participate in the Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Choir, *Jazz Big Band, and *World Music Ensemble (*currently not offered). Collaborate with your peers and the Music Department’s outstanding faculty. 

Jazz Ensemble (Small Group)

Join the San Diego Mesa College Jazz Ensemble and perform beginning-level Jazz in smal group settings with students who share your passion and technical ability. Develop particular skills across a wide variety of instrumentation including trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, vibraphone, violin, and vocals and enjoy a course designed for music majors and anyone who is interested in playing with a beginning level jazz ensemble.
1 Unit, MUSI 264A-D

No auditions required

Contact: Ian Tordella

Jazz Ensemble San Diego Mesa College

*Jazz Big Band

Join the San Diego Mesa College Jazz Big Band and play with a diverse group of instrumentalists devoted to the preparation and performance of the best contemporary Jazz big band literature. Whether you want to enter the field of professional Jazz big band work or play for enjoyment, we welcome all students with experience playing trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, guitar, bass, drums, or vibraphone/percussion, as well as select vocalists to join the Jazz Big Band.
1 Unit, MUSI 262A-D

Audition required for placement only on 1st day of class

Contact: Ian Tordella

Jazz Big Band San Diego Mesa College

Guitar Ensemble

Work closely with your peers and Music Department faculty while preparing and performing select intermediate-to-advanced guitar ensemble works in the San Diego Mesa College Guitar Ensemble. You will have the chance to develop your skills reading music and gain the technical and interpretive adeptness required for the performance of works from a variety of historical eras and composers. Enjoy different music and a changing repertoire every year as well as performances each semester.
1 Unit, MUSI 257A-D

Audition required for placement only on 1st day of class

Contact: Ian Bassett

Guitar Ensemble San Diego Mesa College


Join the San Diego Mesa College Choir and take advantage of the opportunity to sing at an intermediate-level with your talented Mesa peers. You will develop your music-reading, aural, and vocal skills and prepare for performances that feature a wide variety of choral works. Members are expected to have some previous choral or vocal experience, and work as team players during required rehearsals and performances.
1 Unit, MUSI 259A-D

Audition required for placement only on 1st day of class

Contact: Dr. J. Craig Johnson

Choir San Diego Mesa College

*World Music Ensemble

The San Diego Mesa College World Music Ensemble is designed to expose you to a variety of world music traditions including those found in Uganda (East Africa), Ghana (West Africa), Zaïre (Central Africa), Middle Eastern frame drums, and Brazil (South America). In addition to singing traditional vocal pieces, you will have the opportunity to learn basic techniques on a variety of percussion instruments. You will gain an understanding of the ways music can be shared through oral traditions and alternative notation.
1 Unit, MUSI 261A-D

No auditions required

Contact: Dr. N. Scott Robinson


World Music Ensemble San Diego Mesa College
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