Communication Studies

Communication Studies Program

Explore the evolution of human behavior in Mesa College’s Communication Studies program and gain insight into the impact of globalization, mass media, and digital technology on our changing social attitudes and practices. Whether you are satisfying a general education requirement or earning an associate degree, the critical thinking and rhetoric training you will receive from your communication courses will provide you with the skills to advance your ideas and prepare you to be a visionary in any field. Guided by our dedicated humanities faculty members, you will have the opportunity to supplement your required coursework with co-curricular electives, including Journalism courses that offer opportunities to contribute to Mesa College’s newspaper, the Mesa Press (Journalism 210A). Or enhance your writing and public speaking skills by joining Mesa College’s award-winning Speech and Debate Team (Communication Studies 117) and find your community outside the classroom as you travel across the country to compete in tournaments with your peers.

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Program Learning Outcomes

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