San Diego Mesa College

Biological Safety

The Biological Safety Division addresses employee safety, training, and policies regarding all biological hazards.  Such hazards include occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc.) and other infectious biological agents.  Procedures and handling requirements for regulated medical waste are also detailed within this division.  Biological safety is accomplished through the development and implementation of policies and procedures that are intended to provide guidance for worker safety when handling biological agents. These policies are based on the applicable CAL-OSHA and local regulatory requirements or current safety guidelines developed by Mesa campus or the District.


OEH&S responsibilities

  • Administration and oversight of occupational safety management for handling biological materials.
  • Workplace biological safety inspections and policy development for Laboratories and Clinics.
  • Investigate reported workplace blood and body fluid exposure data to evaluate possible preventative measures.
  • Review of all experimentation involving biological hazards to assure appropriate controls and containment.
  • Provide guidance to school Deans and Supervisors for general lab safety training, site-specific training for working with hazardous biological materials, and proper handling of regulated waste materials
  • Monitor campus-wide compliance with Bloodborne Pathogens, and HBV vaccination.

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