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2022 Path to STEM Success Survey Results  Survey 2022

STEM,Success,Title III,STEM students,Path,outcomes,science basics

Bellwether Binder - Journey to Completion Presentation 2022

completion, student outcomes, journey, courses, program, service, planning, student education plan, progress, data

2020 #REALCOLLEGE SURVEY RESULTS-HOPE reports  Survey 2020

basic needs,food insecurity,housing insecurity,homelessness,COVID-19,emergency aid programs,health, employment,students experiencing basic needs insecurity

Addressing the Gaps as an HSI  Report  2020

Latinx student epresentation, Course
Success, Transfer Level, Retention, Completion
& Transfer

COVID-19 Student Needs Survey Results Survey 2020

COVID-19 , Mesa Student, Challenges, How Can Mesa
Help, Working Remotely, Income Loss

RP Group's COVID-19 Survey Report Survey 2020

Mesa Student, Faculty, Classified Professionals, The Impact of
COVID-19, Challenges,How Mesa Can Help

Fall 2020 STEM Core Mid-Term Feedback Survey Survey 2020

Fall 2020,STEM,Core program,Covid-19 pandemic,MATH116,MATH015C,Academic Progress

Humanizing Tutoring Data

Report  2020

Tutoring, Data , MT2C , Equity, Tutoring program, Learning Resources Center 

PIE Governance Survey Evaluation Cycle Survey 2020

Governance Survey, Evaluation Cycle, Governance Committees

PIEC Governance Survey Results Survey 2019

Evaluation, Governance Committee, activities, culture of the committee

STEM Core Three-Year Program Report

Report 2017/18-2019/20

STEM Core,pre-requisite courses,program requirements,Enrollment, Course Retention Rate

Bachelor’s Degree Program: Post-Graduation Outcomes Survey 2020

Baccalaureate Programs,Graduation Rate,Cohort Headcount,Employment Outcomes,Income

Spring 2020 Peer Mentoring Program Feedback Survey Survey 2020

STEM, Student Profile,Ethnicity,Mesa Population,General Findings,Peer Mentoring, virtual environment

CCC Bachelor’s Degree Program Presentation 2020

Baccalaureate Programs,Workforce, Demographics, caucuses

AHSIE 2020 Data Institute Presentation 2020

AHSIE Data, HSI status, Equity Imperatives, Equity-minded

2019-2020 Program Review HSI Question Summary  Presentation 2020  Program Review , HSI, Services, Student Experience , Mesa HSI Status
2016-18 CRI Outcomes Report Report 2018 Retention & Success, Course GPA, Enrollments, Retention Counts, Retention Rate, Success Counts, Success Rate, Course GPA
SDCCD - A comprehensive evaluation of the San Diego Promise Program Report 2019 Promise Program, underrepresented, challenges, successes, outcomes, AA/AS earning, employment, Program Outcomes
Fall 2019 Peer Mentoring Program Feedback Survey Survey 2019 Fall,Peer Mentoring Program, age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, campus resources, 
Spring 2019 Peer Mentoring Program Feedback Survey Survey 2019 Peer Mentoring Program, age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, campus resources
2019 Scholarships Analysis for Reviewers Presentation 2019 Students awards,Cumulative Units,GPA, Headcount, Primary-Language, First-Generation
2019 Scholarships Analysis | Executive Summary Report 2019 Headcount,Award,Application Rate,GPA, Cumulative Units,First-Generation,Primary-Language
2017 ILO Survey Survey 2017 ILO, assessment, student learning, data collection
2018 ClassiCON Participant Survey Survey 2018 ClassiCON, participant survey, satisfaction, sessions, attendance
2018 ACCJC Annual Report Report 2018 ACCJC, headcount, student achievement, examination pass rates, placement rates, SLOs, assessment
Community College Survey of Men 2016 Report 2016 CCSM, student outcomes, minority, M2C3, student perceptions, educational experience
CRUISE 2018 Follow-Up Survey Survey 2018 CRUISE,  follow up, satisfaction, workshops, suggestions
CRUISE 2018 Participant Survey Survey 2018 CRUISE, participant survey, satisfaction, experiences
Classroom Tutoring Student Demographics and Outcomes Fall 2015-Fall 2017 Report 2015-2017 CT, Proyecto Exito, demographics, student participation, enrollment trends, data tables, attendance
Graduate Tutoring Survey Summary Report Spring 2017 Survey 2017 GT, student familiarity, MT2C, student participation
Graduate Tutoring Survey Summary Report Fall 2016 Survey 2016 GT, student familiarity, MT2C, student participation
Core Key Performance Indicators, Standards and Goals for 2018-2019 Dashboard 2018-2019 IEPI, Indicators Dashboard, KPI, standards, goals, accreditation, scorecard, accountability
LOFT FLEX Professional Learning Survey Survey 2017-2018 LOFT, FLEX, respondent participation, satisfaction, experiences, workshops, professional learning
NCORE Findings Report 2015-2017 GT, CT, MT2C, outcomes, success rates, demographics
Fun with Data PCab Retreat Spring 2019 Report 2019 PCab, scorecard snapshot, IEPI, equity, employment metrics, Guided Pathways, Strong Workforce
PTA Program Graduate Survey 2018 Survey 2018 PTA, graduate survey, employment, program satisfaction
Examining the Experiences of Men of Color Focus Group Findings Report 2015 minority, M2C3, student perceptions, educational experience, data collection
First Destination Survey for Class of Spring 2016 Report 2016 alumni, career, employment, transfer, salary, job, title, value, industry, contact, award, major
Enrollement Patterns and Outcomes of Students Enrolled in Social Sciences Course Report 2015-16,2016-17 social science, geography, history, political science, philosophy,online, credits, characteristics, rentention, success
Math and English Placement results and course recommendations for students competing the accuplacer exam and placement assistant Report 2017 Placement, MMAP, assessment, math, english
Spring 17 to Fall 17 Persistence Report Report 2017 Persistence
2015-16 IEPI Goals Framework Report 2015-16 IEPI, Goals, Accreditation, scorecard, accountability
Collegewide Annual Student Outcomes Report Report 2016-17 Program Review, Outcomes, Success
Collegewide Annual Student Characteristics Report Report 2016-17 Program Review, Student characteristics, headcount, enrollment
Collegewide Summary Faculty Hiring Prioritization Report Report 2017 Program Rebiew, Faculty, Hiring, trends, FTEF, FTES, WSCH, Enrollment
CAP Placement and Throughput Template English Fall 2017 Report 2017 placement, CAP, English
English101/English31 Success Rates, Persistence, and Following English Enrollments Report 2017 assessment, acceleration, cap, english
Equity in Action Survey Report Report 2017 survey, equity, classified
Classroom Tutoring Student Demographics and Outcomes Report 2016 tutoring, student support, academic support, learning
Indicators Dashboard Dashboard 2017 IEPI, Goals, Accreditation, scorecard, accountability
Major and Course Navigation Project Report 2019 Guided Pathways, Majors, focus groups, survey
Navigating the Mesa Presentation Presentation 2019 Guided Pathways, Majors, focus groups, survey
HOPE Labs Basic Needs Survey Report 2018 Equity, Basic Needs, Food, Housing
Classroom Tutoring Report- Fall 2015-Summer 2018 Report 2019 Tutoring, embedded, CT
Adressing Racial Inequality: Our Focus on Anti-Blackness Leadership Retreat Data Sheet Fall 2020 Data Sheet 2020 Anti-blackness, equity, race, inequality, leadership
HOPE Lab Survey-Mesa 2020 Report 2020 Basic Needs, Equity, Housing, HOPE
HOPE Lab Survey-SDCCD 2020 Report 2020 Basic Needs, Equity, Housing, HOPE
An Equity Analysis of the Instructional Program Review Template Report 2018 Equity, Program Review
Bachelor's Degree Program - Award, Cohort, and Graduation Report 2021 Equity, BDP, Bachelor's Degree Program, HIMS
Longitudinal Study on Black & African American Student Experience Report 2021 Equity, innovation, fellow, student voices 
2022 Environmental Sustainability Survey Results Report 2022 Sustainability, Survey, Results, Climate Action Plan, Climate Literacy, Transportation, Commuting, Single-Use Plastic, Meat Consumption