Institutional Research
7250 Mesa College Drive
Administration Building, Suite 109
San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 619-388-2319

Associate Dean, Research and Planning

Hai Hoang
Acting Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

Nancy Cortés
Research and Planning Analyst 

Kyung Ae Jun 
Research and Planning Analyst
Anda McComb
Administrative Technician
Gity Nematollahi
Acting Administrative Assistant
Data Warehouse San Diego Mesa College
Data Dashboard

Data Warehouse

Welcome to San Diego Mesa College's online data warehouse! Here you can locate visuals illustrating college-wide equity data and program-level student achievement data. If you have any questions about the data warehouse, please email

We strive to create data tools that are accessible, interactive, and meaningful and welcome your feedback. Please submit your feedback here: Dashboard Feedback Form

Resources and Documentation:

  1. A Guide for Equity-Minded Reflection
  2. RP Group Technical Guide to Equity Gap Methodology