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The Mesa Promise Match Challenge has Ended

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Challenge! You helped us exceed our goal!
Through your generous donations, Mesa College was able to raise over $70,000 for the San Diego Promise.

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of $70,000 raised

You helped us exceed our goal!

There is still time to give

Although the Mesa College Match Challenge has ended, you can still donate to the San Diego Promise and help students fulfill their educational goals. Simply click on the “Give Now” button to donate.

Give today to double your impact.

$1 from you

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= $2 for students

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Double your impact.

Help to fulfill a promise.

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Our Promise

San Diego Mesa College Foundation has made a promise: to help make the first two years of college free for first-time, full-time students in San Diego.

We are invested in this vision. You can be a part of this exciting campaign. By contributing to Mesa’s Promise Campaign, you can help put a college education within reach for all San Diegans.

Join us. Help fulfill a promise.

Why Promise?

The San Diego Promise is a district-wide program to ensure no deserving student is denied a college education due to lack of resources. The San Diego Promise pays for two years of students’ registration fees, serving as a completion program—helping students get to the community college finish line.

A scholarship is a powerful way to make a difference in someone’s life, and the San Diego Promise is a powerful way to transform our whole community.

Where will the money go?

100% of funds for the San Diego Promise will go to the most critical costs of an education: tuition + books

  • Tuition: All San Diego Promise students will have their registration fees paid, providing free access to one of the most affordable, high-quality higher education opportunities in the nation.
  • Books: According to 2016 report by the national College Board, the average cost books and supplies for college student is $1,225 per year. Book grants will be available for students who demonstrate the greatest financial need.

The difference you can make

Money is the #1 Reason that students give for dropping out of college without a degree.

One fourth of students have dropped a class because they could not afford the required textbooks.

70% of students are working to support themselves and their families while in school.

Your donation will help pave the way for students to go to college, stay in class, and have the materials they need to succeed.

Meet Promise Students

To date, the San Diego Promise has served 661 students. These students come from diverse backgrounds and face significant financial need.

  • 9 of 10 San Diego Promise students are from underrepresented communities
  • The average student has an unmet need of $10,281
  • About 1/2 of students come from families with a household income of less than $40,000 a year
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Meet Margarita

Margarita says the San Diego Promise gave her a “new purpose in life.” She is determined to make the most of her education and wants to one day run her own IT company.Learn more