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SDSU Transfer Information

SDSU Transfer Information:

San Diego State University: SDSU is the largest university in San Diego and the third largest in California. The SDSU campus community is home to nearly 33,000 students and approximately 6,400 faculty and staff. For more information please contact Susan Alvarado

San Diego State is characterized by rapid change, increasing levels of student achievement and exceptional faculty and staff. They are an intellectual community committed to the ideals of diversity and dedicated to human growth and development. All of these attributes make San Diego State a vital university serving the community with "minds that move the world. Transfer students are also able to participate in a variety of helpful programs and activities such as the Transfer Club and the Transfer Honors program. Information is available through the Transfer Alliance Program.


  • If you are interested in meeting with the SDSU representative, Matthew Hebert, please send him an email at 
  • If you have been denied admission, please reach out to an admission representatives at  Virtual Front Desk available Monday-Friday from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. The admission representatives can work with you in finding out the reason for the denial. Denied students have the option to appeal. Keep in mind, the appeals process should only be utilized by applicants who have a serious and compelling reason that they feel the committee should consider. All appeals information can be found at
  • For questions about the SDSU@SanDiegoMesa Microsite program or online degree programs at SDSU please contact  SDSU Global Campus at


San Diego Mesa students can now get a San Diego State University degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Bachelor of Art in Communication online without having to set foot on an SDSU campus through a partnership with San Diego Mesa College and SDSU. 

Fall 2021 Next Steps instructions for SDSU@SanDiegoMesa Microsite applicants

  • All students must fill out the interest form on the SDSU Global Campus webpage. Required for any application cycle.
  • If students have been accepted. Follow instructions in the student portal. SDSU@SanDiegoMesa does not require students to complete the supplemental application.  Microsite students need to send transcripts by the deadline. If you'd like to speak to an Admissions Advisor at SDSU, please email

San Diego State University TAG

San Diego State University TAG program is available to SDSU local service students, with specific majors, and with certain course, unit, and GPA requirements.  Please review the SDSU Transfer Pathways website for complete details. For more information on overall SDSU admission requirements, please visit the SDSU Admissions website.  for more information please contact Susan Alvarado

A signed agreement is not required for the SDSU TAG.

Sign up for an SDSU Transfer Workshop in the Transfer Center to learn more about this program and other transfer pathways to SDSU.

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