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Promise Contact INFO

Location: I4-101 (Student Services)
Phone: (619) 388-2230

Acting Promise Coordinator

Trina Larson

Student Services Technician

Jennifer Park

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San Diego Promise

Student Services
San Diego Promise


The San Diego Promise is a two-year completion program for students enrolled full-time (12 units per semester). The program provides up to two years of free tuition or a book grant for eligible students. Participation in the Promise program comes with a variety of benefits: access to a peer mentor, specialized counseling and guidance support, and additional campus engagement opportunities. 

Program eligibility requirements

In order to qualify for the San Diego Promise Poogram, you must meet the following for Fall 2023:

  • First time (to any) college student or
  • Returning SDCCD student who has not enrolled in courses for three or more consecutive semesters (not including summer) or
  • Identify with one of the following groups
    • San Diego College of Continuing Education Students
    • Foster Youth Student
    • Veteran of U.S. Armed Forces
    • Formerly Incarcerated Student
    • Undocumented Student
  • Must be a California resident or AB 540 eligible
  • Completed high school diploma or high school equivalency:

*Students who completed college courses while in high school are eligible for the San Diego Promise.

Fall 2023 Application

To apply for Fall 2023, visit

If you have questions about the Promise program at Mesa College, please email your full name, student ID number, and inquiry to