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Promise Contact INFO

Location: I4-101 (Student Services)
Phone: (619) 388-2230

Promise Coordinator

Karla Trutna

Student Services Technician

Donnaly Atajar

Promise Counselor

Miriam Pacheco

incoming Promise students

San Diego Promise
Incoming Promise Students

This information is for students who recently applied to the San Diego Promise program and will enter Mesa College in Fall 2022. 

The priority deadline for Promise applications is June 17, 2022. Applications will then be accepted on a space-available basis until August 15, 2022. 
Promise applications are currently being screened for eligibiity. Information regarding the Promise contract and next steps to enroll will be provided to students via email on a rolling basis beginning June 13, 2022.  


The links below are Mesa College-specific details that correspond to the Promise Application Checklist. 

Step 4: ONLINE ORIENTATION and Abbreviated Education Plan

Click here for the Online Student Orientation.

Incoming Promise students have 3 options for completing an abbreviated education plan.

  • Option 1: Attend a PRE-REGISTRATION WORKSHOP to meet with a counselor and get an abbreviated education plan. 
  • Option 2: Watch THIS VIDEO, complete THIS QUESTIONNAIRE, and then call Mesa College Counseling to request a phone drop-in to create an abbreviated education plan: (619) 388-2672
  • Option 3: Watch THIS VIDEO, complete THIS QUESTIONNAIRE, and then submit THIS FORM to schedule a meeting with a Promise counselor to complete your abbreviated education plan. 

Step 5: Promise Orientation

All incoming Promise students must attend a Summer CRUISE session, which serves as Mesa College's on-campus orientation. Promise Orientation occurs at the end of each Summer CRUISE session. For more details about Summer CRUISE and to register, click here

We encourage you to register for an earlier session to ensure you secure a spot, as later sessions are more impacted. Attendance is required to enroll in the San Diego Promise program. 

Step 6: Register in 12 units

Register in a minimum of 12 units by September 4, 2022. [The first day of Fall semester is August 22, 2022. After this date, students need persmission numbers from professors to add additional courses.]


How do I know if My promise application was received? 

You should have instantly received a copy of your Promise application responses when you submitted the Promise application. That serves as confirmation that your Promise application was received. If you would like to verify that your Promise application was received, please email your full name, student ID number, and inquiry to from your email address on file. 

Is the San Diego Promise a need-based program? 

No. All students who meet the eligibility requirements and complete the steps to enroll by the deadline will be admitted. There is no income requirement to participate in the San Diego Promise program.

What does the San Diego Promise program provide? 

The San Diego Promise covers enrollment fees ($46/unit) and the student health fee ($20) during Fall and Spring semester for two years. The Student Representation Fee ($2) is not covered. If a student enrolls in the Promise program and receives CPG in their financial aid award to cover enrollment fees, they will receive a book grant instead. 

What is the CPG (California Promise Grant)?

The San Diego Promise and the CPG are two separate sources of funding. The CPG (formerly BOGW - Board Of Governors Waiver) is a source of funding based on financial need and information submitted in the FAFSA or CADAA. Students who are CPG-eligible receive a book grant from the Promise program since their enrollment fees are already covered. 

Does the San Diego Promise program pay for textbooks?

Students who are CPG-eligible receive a book grant from the Promise program. The Promise program provides enrollment fees OR a book grant to each Promise student, not both.  

What if I cannot enroll in 12 units during Fall or Spring semester? 

Students with a DSPS Waiver of Full-Time Status Requirement form may submit it to the Promise program via email and remain eligible while enrolled in less than 12 units. Students with extenuating circumstances who are unable to enroll in 12 units may submit an appeal requesting a reduced unit load. Appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Can I take Summer college courses after high school graduation? 

Summer courses outside of SDCCD (Mesa, City, or Miramar College) will disqualify incoming students from the program. Students may take summer courses within SDCCD and remain eligible. 

Are Summer courses covered by the San Diego Promise program? 

Summer courses are not typically covered by the Promise program so students must pay out of pocket (if no other financial aid is received). The only exception is if a student is enrolled in 12 units during the Summer (which is uncommon, as Summer is an accelerated term with a heavy workload). Students with a DSPS Waiver of Full-Time Status Requirement may also have Summer enrollment and student health fees covered by the Promise program. This applies to courses taken during the Summer before Year 1 and before Year 2 in the Promise program. 

Can I take a gap year after high school and then enroll in the San Diego Promise program when I start at Mesa College? 

Yes. If you graduate from high school and do not take any college courses prior to enrolling at Mesa College and applying for the Promise program, you may be eligible. 

How do I change my Promise campus to Mesa College? 

Your Promise campus matches your Campus of Record through Financial Aid. When your Campus of Record is officially changed, your Promise campus will be automatically updated. Click here to submit a Campus of Record change form

Under: Form/Verification or Documentation
Attach a document that states your full name, student ID number, and the college campus you would like to switch your campus of record/Promise campus to. Also include the semester you would like the change to take effect (ex. Fall 2022). Be sure to include your signature on this document. 

Under: Select Form/Verification you are submitting
Choose: “Other Miscellaneous (College of Record – COR – Statement)”
Please note: In the comments, state which college campus you would like to switch to and from.