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Ivonne Alvarez
Director of Admissions and Records
Residency and International Student
Admissions Supervisor

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International Student program Workshops

  • International Student Employment Workshop - This workshop is intended for international students to learn more about working in the United States while attending as an international student at San Diego Mesa College.  This workshop is mandatory prior to anyone seeking either on- or off-campus employment authorization or if it has been more than 1 semester since you last attended this workshop (NOTE: any updates will be discussed since the previous workshop so there's always new information). 

  • Mini-Opt Employment Workshop - For students needing to fulfill the workshop requirement for OPT, which stands for Optional Practical Training in off-campus degree-related employment.  Since this is an abbreviated workshop, it is best for students who have previously attended the 2-h workshop but just need a refresher due to any new regulations that have been mandated in recent months.
  • International Student Departure Workshop – Students whose I-20 immigration document to study abroad at San Diego Mesa College is about to expire or could be pending their last semester in Mesa F-1 are required to attend this workshop offered at the end of each semester. Prior to the end of their time at the college, international students have various forms to complete to maintain/transition their immigration status. 

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