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Transcripts are the official document of the student's academic work at a college or university. The San Diego Community College District only accepts credits from US Colleges and Universities that have Regional Accreditation. For more information on accreditation and to search for a college's or universities' accreditation, visit the US Department of Education. 

To identify if your official transcripts are required, meet with a counselor, support services department, or special admission program coordinator.

If you would like to clear pre-requisites, please follow the steps here.

How to Submit Transcripts to SDCCD:

Step 1: Submit Transcripts from Prior institutions attended:
  • Students must submit official transcripts from all regionally accredited Colleges and Universities they have attended.
  • SDCCD is partnered with Parchment and the National Student Clearinghouse and is accepting official electronic transcripts from these providers.
    • Institutions not partnered with Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse can submit official electronic transcripts to the following email 
    • Although electronic transcripts are preferred, institutions not offering electronic transcripts can mail them to the following address:

      San Diego Community College District
      Attn: Transcript Department
      3375 Camino Del Rio South, Room 100
      San Diego, CA 92108
  • Students are responsible for requesting official transcripts from each regionally accredited institution attended to be sent to SDCCD.
  • Transcripts from foreign institutions are not required
  • Transcripts are only accepted from one year after issuance.

Transcripts are not automatically evaluated for a student's educational goal. Transcript evaluations take 90+ business days to process

  • Transcripts may take up to two weeks to be marked as received in our system. To verify if your transcripts have been marked received please email with your name, user ID#, and the of the schools or scores for which you are waiting.
  • Meet with a Counselor prior to submitting a transcript evaluation request to ensure the evaluation is necessary.
  • If you are required to have your transcripts evaluated, please visit our District's Forms & Documents page and scroll down or search for the online "Request for Transcript Evaluation," form. Please note, Transcript evaluations are currently taking 90+ business days.
    • If you would like to clear pre-requisites in the meantime, please follow the steps here.
  • Students will receive an email from their evaluator upon completion of the evaluation. Students should meet with a Counselor to review their evaluated transcripts. 
  • Credits from other regionally accredited institutions will only be accepted for transfer credit after evaluation by the District Evaluations office.

Additional Information:

  • Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits must have transcripts on file to receive benefits.
  • Transcripts are required even if prior credits do not appear relevant or if units were taken years ago.
  • Certain Mesa programs require that transcripts are on file before admission to the program.
  • Official transcripts from other institutions become the property of the college and will not be duplicated or returned.
  • Guam and Puerto Rico are US territories and transcripts from institutions these territories are not considered "foreign" and should be submitted. For information on foreign transcripts, please see below.
  • Confirmation of receipt of transcripts: To confirm that your transcripts have been received, please email with your name and student ID number. 

How to View Unofficial SDCCD Transcripts:

Students may access their free unofficial transcripts through their mySDCCD portal. Students without access to their mySDCCD portal can request their free unofficial transcripts here.

How to Order Official SDCCD Transcripts: (from sdccd to another entity/institution)

Students can request official SDCCD transcripts via their mySDCCD portal or directly through Parchment here.

*Transcripts requested from SDCCD will report all courses taken within the San Diego Community College District (including Mesa, City, and Miramar).

  • Hard Copy transcripts will be mailed within 1-2 business days. 
  • If the receiving institution accepts electronic transcripts, the transcript will be sent electronically the same day; however, it may take 1-2 weeks for the receiving institution to mark the transcripts as received.

Common transcript faqs

  1. What does it mean where there is a red asterisk/star (*) next to a grade?
    • This means that the grade and the units for this class have been disregarded and are no longer included in your cumulative GPA or total unit count.
  2. Can you waive your transcripts from being sent and/or evaluated?
    • Transcripts can only be waived if a student's sole purpose is to only earn a Certificate of Achievement.
    • If the student is applying for a Certificate of Achievement only, and all courses were completed in SDCCD official transcripts from all other institutions do not have to be on file.  If courses from another institution are being used, then the official transcripts for those institutions must be on file and the evaluation must be requested for those institutions only.
    • The evaluators will enter an Advising Note on the student’s record letting the student know that transcript(s) are being waived for the Certificate of Achievement only. If the student decides to seek a degree or general education certification, they will need to submit official transcripts from all other institutions and request a transcript evaluation before applying for the degree or certification.
  3. Submitting Foreign Transcripts?
        • Transcripts from foreign institutions are not required; however, they may be used to meet degree/certificate requirements. It is the choice of the student to request to have this coursework evaluated. It is recommended to speak with a counselor to discuss options.
        • If a student would like to submit their foreign transcripts, they must first have them evaluated by a Transcript Evaluation Service. For a list of approved services please visit:
        • Student must request a comprehensive evaluation including both lower and upper division coursework of the foreign transcript. Other types of evaluations will not be accepted.
        • After the comprehensive evaluation is complete, students must submit it to the District transcript office and request a transcript evaluation from the District's Forms & Documents website. Note:Transcripts from all prior regionally accredited institutions must be on file before requesting a transcript evaluation.
        • Submission of transcripts is permanent and cannot be revoked.
  4. Removing Transcript Credit from a Foreign Institution?
    • By removing credit from foreign institutions, students forfeit the right to use all credit (units), grades and grade points from the institutions for all certificate and degree programs and/or general education certification from the San Diego Community College District.
    • Coursework cannot be removed if it has been used in an education plan.
    • The removal of credit does not necessarily apply for financial aid purposes.
    • The removal is permanent and cannot be revoked.
    • To remove credits students should complete the Request to Remove Transcript Credit from a Foreign Institution form in the Evaluations Office.
  5. Foreign High School Transcripts? For information regarding foreign high school transcripts for the purpose of meeting the UC IGETC Certification foreign language requirement, please see the General Education section here.