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Disability Services
Test Proctoring

Due to Campus Shut Down DSPS is offering limIted syncHronous zoom proctoring

Click here for the Faculty Request for DSPS Proctoring

Procedures FOR Test Proctoring:

We are trying to keep the same steps for the online exam process as our previous on-campus Test Proctoring Center, but some of the steps have changed. Please see below.

For students taking exams directly within Canvas:

  1. The student notifies the Professor that they would like to receive the test proctoring accommodations by submitting a copy of their Authorized Academic Accommodations (AAA) form. The authorized accommodations are listed on the AAA form. Electronic copies are made available to the student by DSPS.
  2. The instructor extends the time (double-time) directly in Canvas for the student. Here are the instructions: Steps for setting extended times within Canvas

For  exams to be proctored in REal-Time with Zoom:


  1. The student will make an appointment with the Test Proctor and schedule the exam.
  2. The Test Proctor will provide the student with their Zoom ID meeting room link with the day/time confirmed.
  3. The instructor will send the Test Proctor the exam and instructions along with an access code for the exam (if applicable).
  4. The student will enter the Test Proctor's Zoom meeting room at the scheduled day/time.
  5. The Test Proctor will ensure that the student's workspace is free of any books or notes and that the camera is set up to provide a good view of the student and their workspace.
  6. At the beginning of the exam, the Test Proctor will give the student the access code for Canvas protected exams and the clock begins when the student starts reading the exam.
  7. The student will access the exam and do the work on a separate sheet of paper.
  8. When the student has completed the exam, they will scan and upload it directly into Canvas or send the file to the Test Proctor. The Test Proctor will send the scanned completed exam to the instructor (if applicable).

Please contact the Test Proctor at ( directly or call DSPS at (619-431-2780) if any questions.


 Contact Information


  • Email:
  • Phone: 619-388-2780 or 619-431-780 (Google Voice)
  • TTY: 619-388-2409
  • Room: I4-405 (4th Floor of the Student Services Center)