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Frequently Asked Questions

Disability Services


What is DSPS?

The Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) Department is the campus office responsible for determining and providing required academic accommodations for students with disabilities. A variety of support services (e.g. test proctoring, sign language interpreting, priority registration, disability management counseling) are provided to students with verified disabilities.

How do I go about using the services offered by DSPS?

A complete orientation is available online. You must turn in the following three documents before services can start:

1. DSPS Application

2. Release and Verification of Disability Form completed by an appropriate professional (Copies of medical or psychological records may be sufficient).

3. Service Policy

After turning in all required forms to the DSPS office you will be contacted within 5 working days and informed of the next step toward receiving services.

How is the confidentiality of a student's records/status maintained through the DSPS Department?

No information is released from DSPS without Release of Information Form signed by the student. There is nothing on a student's enrollment or transcript to indicate that a student is registered with, or receiving services from DSPS. (DSPS classes do appear on the transcript, however). With permission from you, your DSPS counselor will discuss services and/or educational limitations with your instructor.

Does a college have the right to terminate DSPS services to a student?

Yes, a district has adopted a written policy providing for the suspension or termination of DSPS services. Mesa DSPS Service Policy allows for suspension or termination of services when a student fails to comply with any of the following:

a. be responsible in his/her use of DSPS services and adhere to written service provision policies adopted by the college; and

b. make measurable progress toward the goals established as outlined in the Academic Accommodations Plan (AAP) or, when the student is enrolled in a regular college course, meet academic standards established by the college.

Suspension or termination policies shall assure written notice is provided to the student prior to the suspension or termination and shall afford the student an opportunity to appeal the decision. Reinstatement of suspended services for subsequent semesters must be requested through the DSPS Coordinator, Each student shall be given a copy of this policy upon applying for DSPS services. These policies and requirements should not differ from those pertaining to all students.

How long are the student's records maintained in the DSPS Department?

Documentation of a permanent disability is maintained for up to 3 years. Verification information may be copied and returned to the student upon request. Students are strongly encouraged to keep copies of documentation for future use when requesting accommodations elsewhere.

Are registration fees waived at Mesa College for students with disabilities?

No. Students with disabilities are responsible for the same fees and payments as all other students attending the college. Students receiving SSI may be eligible for the Board of Governors Grant (BOGFW).

Is my State of California placard sufficient for disabled parking on campus?

Yes. You do not need to purchase a Mesa College parking sticker.

Is there a fee for services through the DSPS Department?

No. Services are provided free of charge.

Are there special financial aid packages available to students with disabilities?

Information regarding financial assistance for all students is available from the Financial Aid Office (I4-107). Scholarship information is available at Student Affairs (I4-408). Other resources may include the State Department of Rehabilitation and the Social Security Administration.

Does Mesa College waive course and/or test requirements for students with disabilities?

No. All students must meet both the course and test requirements for graduation. In rare instances, students may petition to have a graduation requirement substituted with alternative course work. Petitions are considered on a case-by-case basis. This is a lengthy process and students are encouraged to meet all requirements as outlined in the catalog. Appropriate support services are available to assist you.

All I need is test proctoring assistance; do I still need to use DSPS services?

Yes, DSPS will verify that this service is a reasonable accommodation for a class on an individual basis. You prepare for this service by meeting with your DSPS Counselor.

Yes, the Lactation Room is located in G-212, on the 2nd floor.  Nursing individuals may visit A-101, Business Office Support in the Administration Building to gain access.  The room contacts, a comfortable chair, table, refrigerator and electrical outlets.