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counseling workshops


Pre-Registration Workshop 

Two-hour long Pre-registration workshops are designed to help first time college students learn about the different options available to them. Students will gain an understanding of the various educational pathways, resources to register for classes, and develop a two semester abbreviated education plan with a counseling faculty.  First time college students must complete the online orientation and have assigned milestones for reading, writing and math prior to attending a workshop. 
*Please note: workshops are conducted through ZOOM, a web based video conferencing application.

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Promise Academic Success Workshops are designed to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to ensure you are successful academically and aware of your options. Students will learn skills to incorporate into their classes, as well as learn and understand the policies regarding Promise and Mesa College probation and disqualification.


international Student Workshops

International Student Employment Workshop -  students will learn more about working in the United States while attending as an international student at San Diego Mesa College.  This workshop is mandatory prior to anyone seeking either on- or off-campus employment authorization or if it has been more than 1 semester since you last attended this workshop. 

International Student Departure Workshop – Students whose I-20 immigration document to study abroad at San Diego Mesa College is about to expire or could be pending their last semester in Mesa F-1 are required to attend this workshop offered at the end of each semester.  Prior to the end of their time at the college, international students have various forms to complete to maintain/transition their immigration status.

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