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Athletic Counselor:
Michael Temple

Room: I4-303
Phone: 619-388-2672


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counseling availability

Drop-in and appointments available. Please call the counseling line @ 619.388.2672 to schedule an appointment or to do a virtual drop-in. Specify that you are a student-athlete and that you would like to meet with the athletic counselor.

In-person Drop-in times are available on a 1st come 1st serve basis in the I-400 building, 3rd floor during the times listed below:

Tuesdays: 3pm-5:30pm

Thursdays: 9:30am-12:30pm

Please visit the Counseling website for more information and hours of operations

*The counselor’s schedule is subject to change. Please call the counseling line for the most up to date schedule*


The Mesa Academics and Athletics Program (MAAP) at San Diego Mesa College empowers student-athletes to identify and achieve their educational, career, athletic and personal goals. The support program guides student-athletes to obtain an educational degree while meeting California community college and/or transfer eligibility requirements. MAAP aims to motivate student-athletes to succeed in the classroom, the athletic arena and in the community. 

MAAP Goals

  • To assist student-athletes in the identification of educational, career, athletic and personal goals
  • To empower student-athletes to reach academic, career, athletic and personal success
  • To increase retention, graduation and transfer rates of student athletes
  • To encourage each student-athlete to develop independence, self-advocacy and to mature mentally emotionally, physically and athletically.
  • To create an environment within the intercollegiate athletic program that promotes academic achievement.
  • To provide CCCAA, NCAA, and NAIA resources.
  • To maximize the academic potential of student-athletes by providing an atmosphere that enhances learning skills, career development, and personal development. This will be done by encouraging the student-athletes to:

Enroll in a Personal Growth course, utilize free tutoring services, and use the student services on campus (i.e. Transfer Center, Career Center, Counseling and others).


  • Utilize intellectual growth in decision making to develop personal, educational, career and athletic goals
  • Display enhanced self-respect, positive self-image and effective self-advocacy


1) Student-Athlete 101+ Summer Cruise

2) MAAP Drop-in’s: Have a quick question for the athletic counselor? Have a situation requiring immediate attention by extenuating circumstances? Student-athletes can drop by to see the athletic counselor’s for short conversations.

3) MAAP Counseling Appointments: 45 minute scheduled time slot for a comprehensive educational plan, transcript review for transfer, in-depth review of compliance as it relates to the individual student-athlete for transfer/NCAA and NAIA, personal and career counseling.

4) Transitions for Intercollegiate Athletes class, taught by the athletic counselor to help the student-athletes make the transition from high school to college (optional, but highly recommended).

Course: PERSONAL GROWTH 120 - College Success and Lifelong Learning

This course teaches success strategies to enhance academic and lifelong learning skills. Students explore topics such as motivation and attitudes, values, goal setting, decision-making processes, critical and creative thinking, personal health topics, interpersonal communication, developmental psychology, and learning and personality theories, as well as other techniques for maximizing their abilities to succeed as lifelong learners. Students apply these topics as they relate to their self-development as integrated physiological and psychological entities and acquire strategies to effectively deal with issues in their personal lives and educational and career plans.


Hello Prospective Mesa Olympian,

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