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Student Learning Outcomes

Financial Aid
Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) were developed to provide an on-going process of information gathering and assessment that allows for meaningful student learning achievement and improvement to occur. SLO planning and assessment are also required for successful college accreditation purposes.

Since student learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, the Financial Aid office has developed SLO’s that specifically target the following Financial Aid areas:

A. The Appeal Process,

B. Successful completion of student files; and

C. Student knowledge of basic financial aid principles, rules and regulations.

As these three areas are assessed the office gleans information that helps streamline and simplify the process of applying for and receiving student aid. All communication efforts are checked yearly for clarity and accuracy, and are modified accordingly based on student SLO assessment results.

Currently, the Financial Aid Office is offering a series of Financial Aid Appeal Workshops throughout each semester which focuses on all three areas of the SLO criterion.  For a current listing of Appeal Workshop Dates click on the Deadline Dates tab.

Additionally, the Financial Aid office hosts the Financial Aid Info Fair, now offered twice per semester.  Along with the Financial Aid office, there are representatives from each of the college's Student Service departments and the event has become an amazing time to interact with so many learned professionals in one place.


updated September 2015