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Financial Aid

A student does not need to be a California Resident to be eligible to apply for Financial Aid. However, residency (as determined by the Admissions Office) does affect how Financial Aid is awarded for those eligible. The Financial Aid office encourages Non-Resident students planning to apply for Financial Aid to:

1. Fill in and submit the FAFSA at least 2-3 months prior to enrolling. Once a FAFSA is successfully submitted it may take up to 2 weeks to arrive at the school electronically and can take several weeks up to month(s) to process. Each student's case is individual and has its own time frame to resolve.

2. Be aware that you may need to cover your fees prior to the determination of aid eligibility. If your tuition and fees are not paid by the due date indicated on MySDCCD when you enroll, you may be dropped for non-payment.  

3. Be aware that students who are grant aid eligible, once determined, it will apply to non-resident tuition & fees first.

a. Nonresident Tuition will be assessed for those who are not a resident of California as determined by Admissions in addition to enrollemtn fees, in the amount of:  

2020-2021: $290 per unit-increased as of Fall 2020
(e.g. $46 + $290 = $336 per unit, + health fee (varies. please see Additional Fees below)

See Additional Fees

2019-2020: $264 per unit -increased as of Fall 2019
(e.g. $46 + $264 = $310 per unit, + health fee (varies. please see Additional Fees below)

Example for 12 units: 12 x $264=$3,168.00
12 x $46 = 552.00
Total nonresident fees for 12 units = $3,720.00

See Additional Fees

b. As any grant aid you may be eligible for is meant to cover tuition and fees first, Non-Resident tuition generally uses up all or most of your grant aid eligibility.  As a Non-Resident  you will not have lPell Grant funds for a bookstore account .  The maximum full-time semester amount of Pell Grant for 2019-2020 is $3,098. 

4. Please be aware that If you are determined eligible for PELL GRANT prior to your enrollment, AND you do not enroll in all of your desired courses for the semester at the same time, you may have a balance due each time you attempt to add a class, depending on your eligibility level. This may seem confusing, so please feel free to contact the Financial Aid office before your enrollment date to find out more information about using your Pell Grant as a non-resident.

5. Please note that the SUMMER SESSIONS generally act differently in terms of Financial Aid. As a non-resident student you are encouraged to check-in with the Financial Aid office before you enroll, if you are planning to enroll in summer classes.

6. Know that If you have applied for a Student Loan and are planning to use it to cover your tuition and fees, It may not be disbursed to you in time to pay your tuition and fees. especially if you are a first time, first year student. You may need to pay your fees due first. Please see the  Disbursement Schedule for more information.

7. Know that Non-Resident student are not eligible for Cal Grant aid or the California College Promise Grant fee waiver (CCPG) .

update July 2020 ~SD