Purchase Order


All forms can be found at

A purchase order is created after a purchase requisition is initiated and approved through workflow in the PeopleSoft System.  Mesa College requires an internal process to ensure all steps are followed prior to entry into PeopleSoft. Please note that no employee can bind (sign for) Mesa College to any agreement.  All agreements must be reviewed by the Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services. This includes grants, maintenance agreements, contracts, and anything that requires a signature.

  1. We require a purchase order for all purchases of goods and services
  2. A purchase order is created after a requisition is approved via workflow in PeopleSoft
  3. For an agreement that must be signed, that agreement must first be reviewed by the Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services (VPA)
  4. A purchase starts with a Request for Requisition form
  5. Complete the Request For Requisition Form which can be found on the Forms page
    1. The Data entry portion of the form is very important to ensure proper recording of budget, assets and services locations, and date needed
    2. Describe the item or service for the requisition clearly and concisely. Please do not just say “part” or “item #”.
    3. If the requisition is for a grant, be specific when explaining purpose and goal alignment
  6. The Request For Requisition Form will ask for information necessary prior to entry into PeopleSoft such:
    All forms can be found at
    1. Vendor must be approved. For new vendors, complete
      • Supplier Intake Form
      • Vendor W-9
    2. If the requisition is for a short or long term agreement, address the following, and include an event flyer/media
      • Consultant Agreement
      • Evaluation of Relationship
      • Lecture/Workshop
      • Guest Lecturer Invoice
    3. Obtain a current quote (issued within the last 30 days) which will ultimately be attached to PeopleSoft during requisition process
    4. Complete all aspects of the form to ensure PeopleSoft entry is complete and your order ultimately will be received at Mesa
    5. All equipment requests must go through the BARC process. Any emergencies should be directed to the VPA Office.
    6. All Technology and Software quotes and requests must start with the College Technology Services Department at xt 2515