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The college matriculation program is designed to help students succeed in their academic program. To "matriculate" means to enroll and to commit oneself to an educational goal. Thus, matriculation is a process which requires a commitment on the part of the college as well as the student.

Educational Planning

The Student Education Plan (SEP) is an agreement which contains the official requirements for graduation. All transcripts of prior college work must be on file and posted with the college before an official education plan can be prepared.

A student education plan is an important tool to assist students in successfully attaining their goals without wasted time and effort. Counseling and career planning services are available to help students make wise choices concerning the programs and courses available.

The first step in preparing your SEP is an assessment of competency in English and math. Assessment of interests and aptitudes is also available to those students who want more information or assistance in order to choose the "right" programs or courses. Students who have not taken an English or math course and plan to do so are advised to take the college assessment tests (Mesa Assessment & Testing Center).

An education plan typically lays out a program of study for a four to six semester period. These plans allow students to see how long it will take to complete a program of study and to be sure that all program requirements can be met within a particular period of time. Education plans may be changed. They are reviewed periodically with the student and are revised as a student's goals or objectives change.

Follow-up Services

Follow-up services are available to all students as part of the college's commitment to student success. These services include a periodic review of a student's progress as well as education plan to ensure successful progress toward the student's goal. Students who need additional support services will be referred to those services.