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  • Room: I4-102
  • Hours for Spring 2023
    Monday - Thursday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm

    Fridays: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Contact:
    Office: 619-388-2682
Registration Information
Registration Information


With the exception of Special-Admit High School student, all students receive an appointment to register online using MySDCCD. Special-Admit High School students are enrolled by the Admissions Office. The high school supplemental application which needs to be completed by the student AND parent can be located on this link

Students can register for classes using MySDCCD, the San Diego Community College District's online registration system.

For Registration Assistance call the HelpLine at 619-388-2500 during the hours of 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Thursday and 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Friday.


Students with a hold on their record will not be permitted to register until the hold has been cleared. No Exceptions!  

If you have any Accounting hold, you may pay on your student portal at MySDCCD. If you need additional assistance with an accounting hold, please contact the Student Accounting Office at 619.388-2704.

Note that all high school students have a "Current HS Student" hold that will prevent them from enrolling into courses. Only the Admissions Staff can enroll high school students into Mesa College courses. Once the Supplemental Application is approved by the high school AND the student has met the pre-requisites and there is space in the class or on the waitlist, and Admissions staff will enroll the high school student. This same hold will prevent a high school student from being enrolled from the waitlist. Contact if you are a high school student with questions. 

Adding Classes

Students may add classes online until the deadline date published in the schedule of classes. Students will not be allowed to add classes beyond the published deadline.

Please note that if you register for a class and do not pay your registration fees that same day, an accounting hold will be placed overnight and you will need to take care of the hold/balance before you can add additional classes. 

To add a class once the semester has begun, students must obtain a permission number from the instructor. The student must add the permission number on their College Student Dashboard on MySDCCD and pay for the added class through MySDCCD. Here is a guide on how to use permission numbers. 

Go to this guide to learn how to view your registration appointment. 

This guide will show you to how to register for classes. 

Dropping Classes

Students may drop or withdraw from classes online until the deadline dates published in the schedule of classes

It is the student's responsibility to drop classes. If a student remains on the class roster beyond the withdrawal deadline, the student must receive a letter grade even if he or she has stopped attending class.

Please note that the Drop and Refund deadlines can be different. Also, you cannot withdraw from a course past the withdrawal deadline. 

Exclusion from Classes

A student may be excluded from class or the college whenever the student:

  • Exhibits behavior which interferes with the educational process. An instructor may remove a student from two class sessions for disruptive behavior. (Refer to Policy 3100: Student Rights, Responsibilities and Administrative Due Process);
  • Is found to have a communicable disease where isolation is required pursuant to a directive from the County Department of Public Health.

Study Load Limit

The maximum study load for a semester is 20 academic units exclusive of physical education activity units and/or 25 units including physical education. In special circumstances, in which a student has an exceptional record of academic achievement, the Counseling Department may consider a request to increase this limit.

Students are reminded that each unit of credit is calculated to involve a total of at least three hours of classroom and outside time per week. Thus, a 20-unit study load represents a minimum 60-hour work load each week. Students working full-time are advised NOT to attempt a full-time college program.

Twelve units of credit is considered a minimum full-time program during a semester; nine units is three-quarters time, and six units, half-time.

The maximum study load for summer session is twelve academic units excluding physical education and/or 15 units including physical education.

Administrative Drop

Registration may be administratively canceled for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to pay all mandatory fees in accordance with the fee payment schedule;
  2. Using a permission number issued to another student;
  3. Failure to meet the terms and conditions of a fee deferment;
  4. Failure to meet academic or progress standards;
  5. Denial of a "Petition to Challenge A Prerequisite."

Change of Name or Address

All students must report immediately any change of address online at MySDCCD in the College Student Dashboard under My Personal Information. Failure to provide this information will result in delays in registration, and other important information sent by the college.

Name changes must be supported with legal documentation and a picture of a government issued ID and reported in person at the Admissions Office or online on our SDCCD Forms and Documents website