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Refunds Title 5, Section 58508: Community college districts shall not refund any enrollment fee paid by a student for drops or withdrawals made after the first two weeks of instruction for a primary term length course, or after the 10 percent point of the length of the course for a short-term course, unless the program change is a result of action by the district to cancel or reschedule a class, or the student was dropped due not meeting a prerequisite.

58507: Program changes, adding and dropping; relationship to fees. Addresses what local decisions are allowed.

Community College Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee is assessed of all students, including nonresidents. The fee is currently $46.00 per unit.

Health Services Fee

All students are assessed a mandatory fee for health services and accident insurance, whether or not they choose to use the health services. For more information, refer to Health Services or contact the Health Services Office on campus at 619-388-2774. Currently the fee is $20.00 for the fall and spring semesters; $17.00 for summer session. Effective fall 2023, the Student Health Services fee will be $21 for fall and spring semesters. See the college catalog for exemptions.

Nonresident Tuition

Nonresident tuition is $307 per unit. This fee is in addition to the enrollment and health fees, for students who are not residents of California for tuition purposes. Effective Fall 2023, non-resident tuition will be reduce to $331 per unit.

Additional Fees

$40.00 Automobile permits per semester (hanger included)
$30.00 Carpool permits per semester
$17.50 Motorcycle permits per semester
Transcript of Record
$5.00 (after two have been issued free of charge)
Loss or damage of equipment and books: Cost
A.S. College Membership (per academic year): $8.00
Credit by Examination: $46.00/unit. Effective Fall 2023, there will no longer be a fee for Credit by Examination.

Student Representation Fee is $2.00 per semester.

Students are expected to buy all books and supplies needed for their courses. Certain occupational programs may require additional expenditures for tools, and/or uniforms.

NOTE: Students receiving public assistance, or who are determined eligible for financial aid, may purchase a single car permit for $20.00.All fees are subject to change.


Fees will be refunded to students who reduce their program in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Refunds for fall and spring primary (16-week session) is Friday of the second week
  • Refund deadlines for all other classes are located in the class search under the calendar icon ('Important Deadlines')
  • Refund deadlines are also located for a specific term at under "Important Dates and Deadlines"
  • No refund is given for classes dropped after the published deadline

Additional guidelines:

  • Refunds will be processed after the add/drop deadline.
  • Students with a valid address on file and who do not have an outstanding financial obligation to the district will receive a refund in the mail or credit to their credit card.
  • For payments by check, there is a five week waiting period for checks to clear the bank before refunds will be processed.
  • Students who are administratively dropped when a Petition to Challenge is denied will receive a full refund of the class(es) petitioned.
  • Students who are academically disqualified and administratively dropped will receive a full refund.
  • Students who have paid in full and subsequently received a California College Promise Grant (CCPG) will receive refund of enrollment fees. Student Health Services fees are not waived for financial aid students.

For more information, contact the Accounting Office on campus.