Start your career and get your music education at San Diego Mesa College!

In our MUSIC department you can:
  • Music Majors that pass an audition get lessons on their instrument
  • Join an ensemble
  • Perform on campus & off campus
  • Compose your own music
  • Make a portfolio
  • Learn about music technology
  • Record your music
  • Try out new musical instruments
  • Hear live diverse musical styles
  • Collaborate with other musicians and departments
  • Plan your transfer to a 4 year university
  • Prepare for work in the music entertainment industry
  • Earn Associate of Arts Degrees in Music Studies-Performance, Music Studies, Music Technology, or Music-Associate in Arts for Transfer
  • Earn Certificates of Achievement in Music Theory, Composition, or Music Technology
WHAT San Diego Mesa College Music Department OFFERS STUDENTS:
  1. Classes are small - classes adapted to individual needs and learning styles.
  2. Teachers care about students and want to keep them engaged and in class.
  3. Faculty are accomplished professionals in their fields who have a focus and commitment on teaching.
  4. Classes are affordable - $46.00/unit ($1104.00 in-state annual tuition) or $245.00/unit ($5856.00 out-of-state annual tuition) at San Diego Mesa College vs. $11,502.00 (in-state annual tuition) or $39,516.00 (out-of-state annual tuition) at University of California, San Diego (including required fees) and $7460.00 (in-state annual tuition) or $19,340.00 (out-of-state annual tuition) at San Diego State University.
  5. Classes are rigorous - you will be challenged and prepared for the world and university level work when you are finished.
  6. Classes are transferable.
  7. Standards are comparable or better than other San Diego colleges and universities.
  8. Classes are taught by faculty not grad students.
  9. Shared governance - teachers and administration are receptive to student input. 
  10. High quality online classes available.
  11. Free tutors and office hours for students needing extra help.
  12. State-of-the-art recording studio with instruction and full student access.
  13. Weekly free concerts in diverse styles - world music, jazz, folk, experimental, classical, electronic.
  14. Music students have use of the Maas Music Lab in C-108 to assist in learning and homework for Basic Musicianship, Music Theory I-IV, Ear Training I-IV, and Music Technology courses.