Certificate of choreography Program

certificate of achievement: choreography

The Certificate of Achievement in Choreography is designed to for students interested in a career as a choreographer.


Required Courses

Courses Required for the Certificate:
    DANC 183     Music for Dance
    DANC 253     Choreography

Select 4 units from the following:
    DANC 261A     Dance Performance I
    DANC 261B     Dance Performance II
    DANC 261C     Dance Performance III
    DANC 261D     Dance Performance IV
Select 2 units from the following:
    DANC 150A     Dance Making: Ballet
    DANC 151A     Dance Making: Jazz
    DANC 152A     Dance Making: Modern
    DANC 153A     Dance Making: Dance Theatre
Select 2 units from the following:
    DANC 271A     Stage Costuming for Dance
    DANC 271B     Makeup for Dance Productions
    DANC 271C     Lighting Design for Dance Production

Select 10 units from the following:
    DANC 110B     Ballet II
    DANC 110C     Ballet III
    DANC 110D     Ballet IV
    DANC 115B     Tap Dance II
    DANC 115C     Tap Dance III
    DANC 115D     Tap Dance IV
    DANC 120B     Hip Hop II
    DANC 120C     Hip Hop III
    DANC 120D     Hip Hop IV
    DANC 135B     Jazz Dance II
    DANC 135C     Jazz Dance III
    DANC 135D     Jazz Dance IV     
    DANC 140B     Modern Dance II
    DANC 140C     Modern Dance III
    DANC 140D     Modern Dance IV
    DANC 177A     Dance Improvisation
    DANC 177B     Dance Improvisation II
    DANC 178A     Advanced Commercial Dance I
    DANC 178B     Advanced Commercial Dance II
    DANC 179A     Advanced Classical Dance I
    DANC 179B     Advanced Classical Dance II
    DANC 180A     Advanced Contemporary Dance I
    DANC 180B     Advanced Contemporary Dance II

Total Units     22

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