Veterinary Technology Department

Application Instructions

Please follow the directions below to ensure completion of the Veterinary Technology Program Online Application


  1. Need to obtain a CSID number.
  1. Applications must be completed on-line. No paper applications will be accepted.  The Veterinary Technology (AHT) Program application can be found at
  1. Review the AHT Program Brochure to ensure understanding of the online application process. Please pay close attention to prerequisite completion and Information Session attendance requirements.

    Ideally, all prerequisite courses should be completed or be enrolled in prior applying to the program. NOTE:  If the course was taken at an institution outside of Mesa College, a second “Official Transcript” must be submitted after the course is completed showing a letter grade of “C” or better.

    The official transcripts are a critical component of a complete application. Successful completion of these courses will be verified and acceptance to the AHT Program will be pending proof of completion of prerequisites with a passing letter grade of “C” or better.

Pre-requisites must have been taken within the last 5 years. Course numbers refer to Mesa College’s courses.

  1. Biology 107 (General Biology): 4 unit general college biology class which includes a lab

  2. Chemistry 100 and 100L (General Chemistry): 3 unit general college chemistry lecture and a 1 unit lab class

  3. College Success (PERG 120) and Basic Skills for Health Care Careers (ALLH 48): Strongly suggested, but not required

  4. Attend an AHT Program information session.

  5. Provide a list of any animal or veterinary medical related experience you may hav Also, please include information on any career exploration efforts you have made. Start with the most recent: Examples include veterinary clinic employment, volunteering, job shadowing, farm experience, animal breeding or showing, 4-H, FFA.

  6. Admission into the AHT Program is on a “first come-first served” basis with the first thirty-two (32) students to submit a completed application packet will be accepted into the entering class and ten (10) alternates will also be selected.

  7. Request official transcripts to be sent to Special Admissions:

    San Diego Mesa College
    Special Admissions, I4-102
    C/O Dulce Lopez
    7250 Mesa College Dr.
    San Diego, CA  92111
  8. Gather all required documents prior to beginning your online application. You will NOT be able to save and return to your application. Once all documents are complete, follow the prompts to complete the online application.

  9. No letters of recommendation are required, nor will they be accepted, as part of the special admissions proces.

  10. Ensure the application confirmation checklist is complete

Start Online Application (available 12/1/2020 @ 12pm)

Thank you for your interest in the Veterinary Technology Program at San Diego Mesa College.