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Work-Based Learning Coordinator
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Work-Based Learning 

Internships & work Experience:

San Diego Mesa College Internships is a comprehensive experiential learning resource to bridge student's academic learning with valuable real-world experience in their desired career field, developing hands-on skills under the guidance of faculty mentor(s) and community partners. Students can participate in an internship to ensure they've selected the right career path while checking out potential companies to work for!

interested in hiring mesa college students as interns? 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner with San Diego Mesa College's Work-Based Learning program! We are very delighted to hear that your organization wants to connect your company and industry to our Mesa College students. Through this mutually beneficial partnership and your participation in our WBL services, we hope that we are able to build a stronger pipeline of potential employees between company/agency/office and Mesa College, prepare a more highly-skilled workforce to meet demands in your industry, and strengthen our economy in San Diego.     

As a WBL partner, you’ll have an opportunity to promote your company and industry to our students, help students explore career options, gain access to a pipeline of qualified candidates, and teach them the necessary skills to be successful in today's labor market.

Please also contact the WBL Team if you’re interested in sharing your postings via faculty and/or campus flyer.


Work Experience Education (WEE) is a structured educational process that combines real-world work experiences gained by students with regular academic or vocational instruction and is considered to be an integral part of the community college curriculum.

General Work Experience Education (WORK 272) is supervised employment which is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness. The Work experience does not have to be related to the students’ educational goal. Title 5 section 55252

Occupation Work Experience Education (270) is supervised employment extending classroom based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the students’ educational or occupational goal. Work Experience 270 can be discipline specific. Title 5 section 55252

Encourage student interns to enroll in a Work Experience Course to provide support during their internships (optional - see Work Experience website for more details and additional steps)


Follow the WBL Team @SDMesaWBL for career updates and information about WBL activities at Mesa College!

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