Prospective Tutors

Classroom Tutors
Prospective Tutors

What is a CT (Classroom Tutor)?
A CT is a student who has successfully completed the course they will serve as a tutor for. CTs have, preferably, a previous relationship with the instructor of the CT targeted course. CTs serve as a “near-peer” to the students in class and model good student behavior (attend all classes, are attentive, take notes, and model organizational and study skills).  CTs conduct out-of-class review sessions after each class that enable participants to process the course content delivered in class. CTs are trained in the beginning of and throughout the semester.

What is the CT's job?
The CT serves to reinforce material presented by faculty members by giving students learning strategies and opportunity for peer interaction.  This is accomplished by having “CT sessions” after a class section has met.  Based on the syllabus, instructor’s handouts, and classroom meetings, the CT will have material prepared for the after class session.  After observing the class session, the CT will identify areas of student difficulty to focus the CT session on. The CT will guide students through this material by presenting challenging, creative, and engaging opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers and work through material relevant to the class.

What does an example CT session look like?
Let's say that students are covering fractions during a regular class meeting for a math class.  The CT notices that students are having difficulty with negative fractions.  Based on this observation, the CT session will be an activity where students are put in small groups of 2 - 3, competing against each other, on a timed set of negative fraction examples on the board.  All groups are verifying each other’s work, thereby promoting independent learning (which research shows is the most effective type of learning).

What are the hours and pay of a CT?
CTs are currently paid the highest district tutor rate of $11.87 per hour. The  weekly hours are dependent on the unit load of the course, but typically CTs work 6-10 hours per week. Becoming a CT oftentimes leads to other campus opportunities working more hours in different capacities.

How do I become a CT?

CT Minimum Qualifications

  • A or B in the class you wish to CT for
  • Minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA
  • Instructor recommendation 
  • Enrollment in a minimum of 6 units at Mesa during the semester

CT Hiring Process

  • Application (closed for Spring 2019)
  • Interview
  • Class/Instructor match
  • District clearance of paperwork