Honors Contract


Fall 2021 Honors contract is Open!

the Deadline to submit the completed contract is: Friday, October 1st (3:00 pm)

STEP 1: Select a course that qualifies to be converted into an Honors course. 

You can potentially turn almost ANY class into an Honors class through an honors contract. (Exceptions: course numbers below 100, chemistry course number below 200, course units below 3, summer and short-term courses). An Honors contract allows students and faculty to design a syllabus for independent study in conjunction with the course requirements. Students meet regularly with their instructor to discuss their work, and honors credit is noted on their transcripts.

Note: Courses must meet ALL of the following requirements to be eligible for conversion:

  • The course must be at least 15-weeks long (shorter courses, such as 4-week and 8-week courses do not qualify for Honors contracts).

  • The course must be transfer level (“transfer level” courses qualify towards transferring to a university. Remedial courses do not qualify as “transfer level.”

  • During this time when we are mostly online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online courses that meet the requirements above, ARE eligible to be converted into an Honors course.

STEP 2: Ask your professor! For the course(s) you want to convert to Honors, discuss your interest with your professor before submitting your contract.

Note: Be prepared to explain why you are interested in pursuing additional study in this course. If your professor is willing to create a contract with you, schedule an appointment with them to create the Honors contract.

STEP 3: Create an honors contract in collaboration with your professor that includes:

  • Between 3 - 5 additional Honors Assignments.
  • Honors assignments that combine to equal between 25-33% of your overall grade in the course.

STEP 4:  Submit your Honors contract online using the following link.

Honors Contract



Honors courses are offered each semester in a variety of subject areas. They are listed in the Online Schedule of Classes (type "Honors" in the keyword search), and are found in the "Courses" link on the Honors website.  Honors courses vary according to discipline, but all increase the range and depth of the learning experience by stimulating strong critical thinking skills, generating lively discussion, facilitating student collaboration, and teaching advanced research and writing skills.