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Career Education

Gainful Employment Information

This is a Career Education Program. 


The Medical Assisting program offers a two semester Certificate of Achievement in Medical Assisting. All students who successfully complete the Medical Assisting program will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Graduates are eligible to sit for several national and state certification and registration exams. Students who have been awarded a Certificate of Achievement in Medical Assisting may continue and complete the additional courses needed for the Associate Degree in Medical Assisting.

Additional certification and/or credentialing may be required to obtain employment in the field.

A grade of “C” or better must be maintained in all courses to continue in the program. Course repetition in this program is not permitted. The program is governed by the Allied Health Department Policies.

Interested students should contact the Special Admissions clerk at (619) 388-2684 or program director at (619) 388-2267.

Directed Clinical Practice Requirement

Students accepted into this program will be required to successfully complete Directed Clinical Practice/ clinically based courses held in health care facilities. These facilities may require background checks, including fingerprinting, as a condition of placement at the clinic. Refusal to submit to a background check, or failure to meet clearance criteria established by the health care facility, may prevent placement in the Directed Clinical Practice/clinically based course and thus, it may not be possible to successfully complete the program. Health care facilities also require adherence to strict standards of conduct. Facilities may refuse educational access to any person who does not adhere to the facility’s standards of safety, health and ethical behavior. This may be cause for removal from the program.

Award Type Units

*and courses to meet graduation requirements, general education and electives as needed to meet the minimum of 60 units required for the degree.

Program Learning Outcomes