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ESOL is Now English Language Acquisition (ELAC)

As of Fall 2018, SDCCD's English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses have been replaced with our new program and course offerings called English Language Acquisition (ELAC).

ELAC Course Descriptions

ELAC Pathways


The San Diego Mesa College ELAC program empowers our diverse student body.  Committed to equity and access, faculty collaborate with students to facilitate learning and achievement in English and across disciplines. Students earn degrees and certificates related to transfer education, workforce training, and lifelong learning opportunities. ELAC fosters scholarship, leadership, and positive change within our community.

Program Emphasis: We strongly believe in and support integration rather than division of skills (listening, reading, grammar, speaking and writing) that non-native speakers need to acquire in their journey toward both fluency and accuracy. Thus, in our classes we use materials that are not only authentic, but meaningful to our students’ background, experiences, and life circumstances, and we do so through a variety of genres. We believe in empowering our students through student-centered and interactive learning environment where they can become independent learners and thinkers.

Career Options: In a today’s ever-changing and fast-moving environment, employers are seeking creative thinkers that can perceive situations from different perspectives and offer solutions. Our students are eager to participate in this workforce and are pursuing a variety of careers which are in high demand in our region, such as hospitality industry, medical and biotechnology, clean tech, information and communication technology, just to name a few. In addition, many of our students appreciate independence and autonomy; as a result, they want to be self-employed, or want to become business owners adding to the multicultural tapestry of our city.