ChicanA AND CHICANo Studies Department

The Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies offers a dynamic, innovative program that emphasizes an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to understanding the historical experiences and contemporary social realities of the Chicana/os as the largest segment of the Latino population in the United States. Critical thinking and effective oral and written communication skills are integrated across the curriculum which incorporates the arts and literature, gender studies, border studies, cultural studies, history, the social sciences, and policy studies. The curriculum prepares students at the undergraduate level for a multitude of careers options. Students earning a degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies may pursue careers in education, humanities, law, social work, business, the arts, public administration and more.

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Department Information

Mission of the Department

The Chicano Studies curriculum is designed to meet general education requirements for all students. Many of the classes also serve as lower-division preparation for the major classes for students planning to transfer and earn a BA degree in Chicano Studies and professional fields, including social sciences, humanities, law, teaching, social work, and public administration. Chicano Studies courses transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

We believe in the development of the total person, with special emphasis on both the individual and social potentials of students.  It is therefore incumbent on Chicano Studies to help students to succeed in the pursuit of excellence in their individual academic and career goals.

We believe it is a primary responsibility of Chicano Studies to develop the social awareness and social conscience of students to stimulate their leadership and community service potential.

We believe that students must develop a solid academic understanding of their socio-economic, political, and historical realities.  Inherent in this process is the development of students’ ability to think and express themselves in an organized, logical, and critical manner.

"Toward a Philosophy of Chicano Studies at Mesa College"
November 10, 1976

Annual Chicano Latino Heritage Celebration

Viva La Raza poster

"Viva La Raza" (2005) by Favianna Rodriguez & Jesus Barraza      &

This image was created to advertise the Annual Chicano Latino Heritage Celebration held at San Diego Mesa College in the fall 2005 and organized each year by the Chicana/o Studies Department.