New Faculty Institute

We are mesa days

We Are Mesa Days are designed for New faculty who will begin their full-time positions at Mesa in the 2023-2024 academic year. There will be a series of presentations and activities throughout the day to acclimate new faculty to Mesa and provide information on their positions as tenure-track faculty. All information presented during the Mesa Day is geared toward supporting their positions as tenure-track faculty. 


Monday August 14

Time Location Topic
8:30 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) TBD
9:15 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) TBD
10:00 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) TBD
10:30 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) TBD
10:45 Front of Library
12:00 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) TBD

Tuesday August 15

Time Location Topic
8:30 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Breakfast
9:00 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Equity
10:00 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Faculty Appraisal Process 
10:30 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Break
10:45 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) What I Wish I Had Known?
11:15 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Promising Practices for the First Day of Class
12:00 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Lunch
1:00 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Mentoring
3:00 LOFT (LRC 4th Floor) Wrap Up


Wednesday August 13

9:00 Mesa Commons, MC 211A Coffee Social Hour for New Faculty

New Faculty institute

Each Month, members of New Faculty Institute will meet the 3rd Friday of each month from 1:00 - 3:00 in the LOFT (unless otherwise noted) to learn and discuss topics that will help prepare them for their new positions as tenure-track faculty.  These meetings will support new faculty in preparing for classes, becoming aware of services available to students and faculty, understanding job duties, and more.  All information presented during the New Faculty Institute Meetings is geared toward supporting their positions as tenure-track faculty.

Schedule of Meetings Fall 2023
September 15th
October 20th
November 17th
December 15th
January 19th
February 16th
March 15th
April 19th
May 17th