Classi-Con high 5

JUNE 7-9, 2022


Mental Health:Understanding Work and Life Balance on Your Journey to Happiness

With so many of us torn between juggling heavy workloads, managing relationships and family responsibilities, and squeezing in outside interests, it's no surprise that more than one in four Americans describe themselves as “super stressed.” 

Roadmap Implementation to Mesa 2030

Mesa 2030 Goals are a call to action that describe what the College intends to accomplish over the coming decade. All other College-wide planning, including unit-level planning in program review, will describe how departments and units will do their part to achieve the Mesa 2030 Goals.

Equity Workshop

Dr. Judy Sundayo is a leading advocate for equity.

Arts & Crafts Plaster Casting Room TBD

Learn Plaster Casting techniques to create art and ornaments.

Governance 101

The ins and outs of how shared governance works at Mesa Community College and what you can do to get involved

Microsoft Outlook and 365

Learn tips and tricks using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365

New Classified Onboarding - What is it? Who can be involved?

Joins us for a discussion of the new Classified Onboarding program and how you can get involved.

AFT Contract

Important news and updates concerning the current AFT contract

Centering Care in the Workplace: A Discussion

A healthy guided discussion about centering care in the workplace.

HR Benefit and Q&A

The HR Benefits office is here to inform us about our benefits and take questions.

Empowering Classified for Equity Leadership

Classifed leadership is a vital element of Mesa Community College. Find out what that is and how you can contribute.

Why We Need Asian American Studies

Crimes against the Asian American Community are on the rise. Learn why Asian American Studies are so important in our ongoing battle for equity and inclusion

Classified Book Club (Atomic Habits)

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. This breakthrough book from James Clear is the most comprehensive guide on how to change your habits and get 1% better every day.


Come Join the Work-Based Learning (WBL) and Career Center Teams to learn about our new and district-wide online student job board, Handshake. In this workshop, we will be sharing and demo'ing the power of how this tool can positively impact students’ success and their career development with easy access to millions of high-quality jobs and internships across all industries. We are excited to share this with our classified professionals and to partner together to support our student community

Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness is an in-depth study of the nutrients our bodies need and how we can best provide those nutrients for optimal health and wellness


Compete for your team on ClassiCon Sports and Games Day!

Bingo and Trivia

Compete for your team on ClassiCon Sports and Games Day!