Ashanti Hands President San Diego Mesa College

Hello Mesa College Community,

I am incredibly honored to send this greeting to you as President of San Diego Mesa College. Having served at our campus for more than 14 years, I have born witness to our commitment to equity and excellence and have experienced the power of possibility when we come together as an informed and intentional collective. 

As I reflect on my first week in this role, I am most inspired by the time spent welcoming new students at our Summer Cruise program. I saw each student as a unique hope and dream as they attended this program to begin their educational journey at San Diego Mesa College. I am excited by the space we have collectively created for them to passionately pursue their purpose. I am excited by how our courses will help shape their minds, how our services will welcome, validate, and support them, and how our commitment to equity and excellence will empower, elevate, and create conditions for their success. I thought about all it will take to support our students and was giddy at the thought of doing this work with you!

With our vision as fuel and Mesa 2030 as our guide, I truly believe we have everything we need to address the challenges of this world and our system and make meaningful impacts on the lives of our students, each other, and our community. In my first year, I look forward to listening, learning, telling our story and leading us through this next chapter of equity and excellence in action. I am inspired by the endless possibilities of what we will accomplish together. 

I look forward to seeing you at convocation this Fall.



Ashanti T. Hands

President, San Diego Mesa College