Program Review Steering Committee
Program Review Steering Committee

Program Review Steering Committee


The Program Review Steering Committee reports to President's Cabinet. Its membership includes faculty, classified staff, students, and administrators each appointed by their respective governance bodies.

The Program Review Steering Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Review and modify as needed on a regular basis, and disseminate information in the program review handbook and website containing questions, criteria, guidelines and forms.
  • Determine and publish the schedule of programs and service areas in the four-year cycle.
  • Establish and publish timelines for the program review process.
  • Provide training and guidance on a regular and as-needed basis to groups and individuals.
  • Provide training workshops at least once annually to describe the program review goals and process.
  • Provide structured guidance to and collaboration with lead writers, department chairs, and administrative and service area supervisors through the program review process; program review committee members will be assigned as liaisons to each program/administrative/service area at the start of the process to assist writers in developing their program review.
  • At the conclusion of the program review process, prepare final written reports to be presented to the President's Cabinet.

Type: Governance

Reports to: President's Cabinet (PCAB), Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (PIE)

Meets: The Program Review Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Friday of each month, unless otherwise noted, from 1:00-2:30 via Zoom.  |  View Agendas & Minutes


  1. Update PR Handbook and website

  2. Implement and deploy new Program Review workspaces and resource request process via Nuventive

  3. Develop and implement a training plan for Nuventive
    • Provide ongoing technical training in multiple modalities to all Program Review lead writers and Liasons so that they can navigate the system and are aware of expectations
    • Develop a system to communicate with campus throughout the process and receive and respond to feedback
  4. Communicate the outcomes of the program review and resource allocation process to the College

  5. Revise and deploy IP evaluation survey

Membership 2022-2023

Hai Hoang Dean Institutional Effectiveness 
Erika Higginbotham Student Services 
Lorenze Legaspi Admin Services 
Dina Miyoshi (Acting)  Instruction 
Lorenze Legaspi* Administrative 
Leticia Diaz Student Services 
Linda Hensley  Instruction 
John Crocitti  Academic Senate President (or designee) 
Mark Abajian   Business & Technology 
Dina Mysohi*  Social/Behavioral and Multicultural 
James Hinton  Math & Natural Science 
Bruce Naschak  Humanities 
Kimberley Mills Health Science & Public Service
VACANT  Arts & Languages VACANT
Jake Portugal Exercise Science, Health, Dance, Athletics
Janue Johnson   Learning Resources & Academic Support 
Alison Gurganus Learning Resources & Academic Support
Erika Higginbothom* Student Success and Equity 
 VACANT  Student Affairs  VACANT
 VACANT  Student Development  VACANT
 Alex Berry CTE
Rachel Russell CTE
Michael Cox  Curriculum Committee Rep 
Courtney Lee Classified Senate President (or designee) 
Joel Arias Classified Professional- Administrative 
Olivia Picolla  Classified Professional- Student Services 


Classified Professional- Instruction  
Isabel O'Connor FHPC
Ellen Engels  CHPC
Lorenze Legaspi*   BARC
Alex Berry SWC 
Howard Eskew
VACANT Associated Student Representative 
Gity Nematollahi Admin Support
Howard Eskew  Pathways Consultants 
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Additional Information

Program Review Meeting Schedule 2022-2023


Program Review Steering Committee Webpage Representative:  Anda McComb