Governance Committees at San Diego Mesa College
Governance Committees


Budget Allocation and Recommendation Committee

The Budget Allocation and Recommendation Committee (BARC) is designed to engage on focused work in the development of principles, recommendations and priorities for the Mesa's General Fund Unrestricted Budget.

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Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion & Equity

The Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion and Equity (CDAIE) is responsible for engaging and supporting students, faculty and staff in the ongoing process of transforming our campus environment into one which we envision as safe, supportive, culturally proficient, globally inclusive and reflective of the larger San Diego community.


Committee on Outcomes and Assessment

The Committee on Outcomes and Assessment (COA) oversees and coordinates Outcomes and Assessment practices for Instruction, Student Services, and Administrative Units at the College level.

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Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) is responsible for educating faculty, staff, and students regarding recycling, conservation, and hazardous waste disposal.

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Facilities Planning Committee

The Facilities Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing major facility issues which impact Mesa College, provide long-range facilities planning and oversee the maintenance, repair, remodeling and building of Mesa College's Facility Master Plan.

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Facilities & Safety Committee

The Facilities & Safety Committee is a governance of San Diego Mesa College.

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Mesa Information Technology Committee

The Mesa Information Technology Committee (MIT) is responsible for assessing the current status of Information Technology in the delivery of services to Mesa College students and to develop, implement, and assess a strategic technology plan.

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Mesa Pathways Committee

The Mesa Pathways Committee (MPC) uses an integrated, equity-minded, student-centered approach to facilitate student success. Through structured educational experiences, MPC works to close equity gaps, improve student outcomes and guide students into and through college to the completion of personal, academic and professional goals.

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Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIE) committee is designed to advance the overall planning work for the College.

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Program Review Steering Committee

The Program Review Steering Committee is responsible for disseminating information in the program review handbook and website containing questions, criteria, guidelines and forms.

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Safety Committee

The Safety Committee provides planning related to safety enhancements, emergency contingencies and disaster preparedness.

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Success, Equity and Transformation Committee

The Student Success and Equity Committee (SSEC) is responsible for supporting and leading innovative campus initiatives that strengthen student access, success, and equity.

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