Facilities Planning Committee
Facilities Planning Committee

Facilities Planning Committee


  • The Mesa College Safety & Facilities Committee provides a venue to address facilities and safety related issues and promote safety in all areas across the campus.
  • The Committee provides planning related to facility and safety enhancements, emergency contingencies, and disaster preparedness, while also reviewing major facility issues which impact the college, providing long-range facilities planning and overseeing the maintenance, repair, remodeling of Mesa College’s buildings.
  • The Committee meets monthly to review safety reports, workplace accident/injury reports and recommendations from Safety Officers, determine, plan and implement safety training, direct measures for hazard abatement, and disseminate workplace safety rules and campus facilities maintenance and repair updates.

Type: Governance

Reports to: President's Cabinet (PCAB)

Meets: The Facilities Planning committee meets on the first Thursday of the month, 2:15 PM-3:00 PM in MC 151.  |  View Agendas & Minutes


  1. Reviews a broad range of facility issues which impact Mesa College
  2. Reviews all plans and makes recommendations for the construction, remodeling, and/or reassignment of existing facilities
  3. Studies and recommends development of future facilities including classrooms, laboratories, faculty and staff office space, and grounds
  4. Studies existing facilities and recommends alterations and improvements
  5. Reviews and ensures timely construction progress of Mesa College's Facility Master Plan
  6. Keeps represented constituents apprised of the facility master plan and construction timeline as needed

2022-23 Membership

  • (1) Vice President, Administrative Services
  • (1) Representative
  • Andy MacNeill
    VPI Designee
  • (1) Instruction
    (1) Student Services
  • (1) Representative
  • (2) Representatives
  • Brian Lesson
    Assistan Professor, Culinary
  • Karen WIlliams
    Professor, Digital Technology
  • (3) Representatives
  • Michael McLaren
    Instructional Lab Technician, Learning Resource and Academic Support
  • Carlos Pelayo
    Instructional Lab Technician, Media Production
  • Matt Fay
    Occupational Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator
  • (1) Representative
  • Erika Higginbotham
    Coordinator, Disability Support Programs and Services
  • (1) Representative
  • Malik Thornton
    Associated Students Representative
  • (1) Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management or Designee
  • Christopher Manis
    Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management
  • (2) Representatives
  • Dave Warczakowski
    Regional Facilities Officer
  • Eduardo Arteaga
    Senior Custodial Crew Leader
  • (2) Representatives
  • Terry Hiett
    Lieutenant, College Police
  • Vacant
    College Police
  • (1) Representatives
  • Jason Moravec

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