Committee on Outcomes and Assessment
Committee on Outcomes and Assessment

Committee on Outcomes and Assessment


The Committee on Outcomes and Assessment (COA) has, as its primary goal, to facilitate an equitable, accessible, and meaningful learning experience for all Mesa students. In order to achieve this purpose, COA will establish and maintain structures and standards for outcomes assessment, create a framework for authentic assessment of learning, support innovation and provide professional learning around outcomes assessment, promote a culture that integrates outcomes assessment results into the continuous quality improvement cycle, and ensure Institutional Learning Outcomes reflect Mesa’s Mission and curriculum.

COA Deliverables 2022-23

  1. Nuventive
    • Support the design of the Outcomes Assessment module in the Nuventive Platform.
    • Develop a training plan and materials for Nuventive and support the transition of data to new software.
    • Discuss and identify data visuals displayed in the planning and assessment processes.
  2. Process
    • Develop a timeline for the new 4-year cycle with major milestones.
    • Coordinate a system to support faculty and student services professionals to review, revise, or reaffirm all CLOs, PLO, SSOs, and ILOs.
    • Review Department Outcomes Coordinator (DOC) responsibility and training.
    • Expand professional learning and create tools for communities of practice.
    • Develop a tool to assess our ILOs.
    • Provide information on different types of learning assessments.
    • Update Outcomes Handbook.

Type: Governance

Reports to: Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (PIE)

Meets: COA meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, 4:00pm-5:00pm via Zoom and MC211 A  |  View Agendas & Minutes


  1. Promote a practice of meaningful dialogue around learning outcomes development, assessment, and improvement college-wide.
  2. Provide a forum to generate learning outcomes and assessment ideas and practices while sharing progress and accomplishments.
  3. Incorporate learning outcomes assessment in Guided Pathways, Program Review, and Integrated Planning Processes.
  4. Support faculty and classified professionals to complete effective learning assessments aligned with our cycle timeline.
  5. Participate in ongoing professional learning around different types of learning assessments and provide leadership to the campus regarding best practices.
  6. Maintain the structural and technological components of the learning outcomes process.

Membership 2022-2023

Bridget Herrin Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Eliza Rabinovich SLO Coordinator/Faculty Co-Chair
Isabel O’Connor Vice President - Instruction
Larry Maxey  Vice President - Student Services
Ailene Crakes Student Affairs/Student Development
Michael Temple Counseling
VACANT Student Services VACANT
VACANT College Technology VACANT
Anda McComb Institutional Effectiveness
John Crocitti Academic Senate President (or designee)  
Sahar (Mona) King Classified  Senate President (or designee)
Howard Eskew Res/Consultant


Leslie Shimazaki Arts and Languages
Monica Romero Business and Technology
Nathan Resch Exercise Science
Amanda Johnston Health Sciences and Public Service
Donna Duchow  Humanities
Janue Johnson Learning Resources/ LOFT 
Mark Manasse Learning Resources/MT2C
Alison Gurganus Learning Resources/LIBRARY
Saloua Saidane Math and Science
VACANT Social & Behavioral Sciences & Multicultural Studies   
VACANT Classified Professional-Student Services VACANT
VACANT Classified Professional- Instruction VACANT
VACANT Classified Professional - Admin Services VACANT
VACANT  Associated Student Representative  
Ashanti Hands  College President 
Lorenze Legaspi VP Admin Services
TBD Admin Support IE office TBD


Additional Information

COA Meeting Schedule 2022-2023


* COA Webpage Representative: Anda McComb