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Basic Skills transformation

Basic Skills

The Basic Skills Transformation Committee incorporates the  Basic Skills Initiative, the Basic Skills Student Outcomes and Transformation Grant, and the Basic Skills Regional Partnership Pilot. The Committee reports to Instructional Services.

Our Accomplishments:

  • Redesigned Math and English Pathways for Greater Equity
  • Redesigned Assessment for Equitable and Appropriate Placement in Math and English Courses
  • Paid Professional Development for Faculty
  • A Graduate Tutoring Program
  • Embedded, Hot Spot, and Pop-Up Counselors
  • A Bring-it-to-the-People Outreach Program for Continuing Education Students ("College Connections")
  • Collaboration with Equity and Student Support and Success Initiatives ("Integration")


Once assigned to remediation, few students successfully complete college-level coursework. Yet national research has shown that many students are assigned to basic skills when, in fact, they could have succeeded by enrolling directly in college-level Math and English courses. In addition, through the CCC System’s Basic Skills Initiative, colleges have piloted and identified a number of instructional and support-service strategies that boost success for basic skills students.

In response to the ongoing issue and encouraging findings about “what works,” the Chancellor’s Office created the creation the Community Colleges Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program. In 2015-16, the program provided $60,000,000 in Proposition 98 funds to improve the progression rate of basic skills students from remedial education to college level instruction. Qualifying colleges received grants of $1.5 million over 3 years.


To adopt and expand evidence-based practices that boost student success in basic skills courses, continuing through transfer-level courses.

Membership Composition

A cross-section of faculty, staff, and administrators involved in Basic Skills delivery and support: English, Math, and Counseling chairs; Dean of Student Services; reassigned-time faculty for Transformation Grant, SEP, SSSP, BSI, and HSI, as appropriate; Basic Skills Initiative Coordinator; Responsible Administrator, student representative.

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Evidence-Based Practices

  • Robust multiple measures for assessment
  • More direct placement of students into gateway English and Math
  • Content aligned with the students’ academic/vocational programs
  • Instruction contextualized in foundational skills for the academic/vocational interests of the student
  • Proactive student support services integrated with instruction
  • Two and three-course sequences maximum for completion of a college-level English or Mathematics course.
  • Meeting Days/Times: First Wednesdays 3-4:30