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  • Mesa College Architecture Program Helps Young High School Student Move Toward His Dream

    June 02, 2021  |  Ian and Felice Kay

    It’s not common that a 13-year-old makes a declaration about his future career. In the case of Kevin Gonzalez, that’s exactly what happened. As a 9th grader at Gompers Preparatory Academy, Kevin was walking home after school and upon entering the gates of El Rey Trailer Plaza where he lives, he wondered, “Why do I live in such a poor community, trailer homes torn apart, cracks in the streets? Why can’t everyone have a nice place to live? That was the moment I realized my mission is to design affordable homes for everyone.”

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  • Mesa Biology Professor Dr. Daniela Bruckman Assists in Lab Redesign

    March 05, 2020  |  Office of Communications

    As a new full-time hire in the Biology Department, Professor Daniela Bruckman is bringing fresh eyes to the general biology curriculum. When she taught Biology 210B: Introduction to the Biological Sciences II during her first semester at Mesa, she referred to a lab manual published by a previous instructor to create her lesson plans. Today, she conducts her classes with new lab material that she created as part of a grant-funded initiative to close equity gaps in the life sciences.

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