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  • Mesa College Asserts its Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Face of Flyers Posted on Campus

    February 01, 2018  |  Dr. Pamela T. Luster, President

    Recently, San Diego Mesa College discovered the posting of flyers across campus that targeted particular ethnic groups. The College followed its free speech policy, and only removed flyers that were improperly posted. This included postings on electronic signboards causing potential damage to college equipment. The Art Gallery was also impacted as materials were defaced with flyers posted over them. The incident was reported to District Police as well as the San Diego Police Department, who continue to monitor the situation.

    San Diego Mesa College strongly opposes the racist language used by those who are posting these fliers. To be clear – any doctrine that elevates one group above another has no place at Mesa College and we condemn any language or actions that promote racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, violence, discrimination and other forms of hate.

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  • Monica Romero Chosen as `Salute a Smile´

    February 07, 2017  |  Lauren J. Mapp

    Long-time San Diego Mesa College employee Monica Romero – the Program Activity Manager for Proyecto Éxito – has been chosen as the most recent recipient of the Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion and Equity’s “Salute a Smile” honor.

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  • Alma Fuentes Chosen as `Smile of the Month´ Honoree

    October 24, 2016  |  Lauren J. Mapp

    Alma Fuentes, a Custodial Crew Leader in the Facilities Department at San Diego Mesa College, has been recognized by the Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion and Equity for having October’s “Smile of the Month.”

    According to CDAIE Chair Judy Sundayo, the Smile of the Month was created in June 2016 as an informal way to recognize and honor the diversity, depth and humanity of employees at Mesa College.

    “The person who suggested Alma Fuentes to be honored was impressed by her smile, her readiness to engage and help others and her commitment to her job and the campus as a whole,” Sundayo said.

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