Outreach and Community Relations

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About Outreach and Community Relations

Mesa's Outreach and Community Relations Department not only provides programs and services to prospective students - outreach - but also focuses on reaching out and connecting with current Mesa students through in-reach. We have partnerships with local area and feeder high school and middle schools to encourage students to make college a feasible and viable post-grad choice. We also provide a helping hand to a variety of different departments on campus and at a host of events throughout the year in an effort to get current students more involved and engaged in their school and their education. Not to mention our participation in community events outside of our own Mesa community.


                                Our Partnership Mission Statement

To promote community collaboration and improve student achievement by supporting teaching and learning in the classroom.

To provide mutual benefit for our partner high schools and middle schools and Mesa College by increasing the coordination of school and college activities, sharing school and college facilities, and working collaboratively to transition students from high school to college.

Partner High Schools and Middle Schools