Spring 2014 SDCCD (City, Miramar, Mesa) HONORS COURSES

ARTF 110 (CORE) Art History -Rogers, Denise 3 Units

BIOL 110 (CORE)  Intro to Oceanography -Sykes, Paul 3 Units

BLAS 140A History of the U.S./Black Perspective -Ambers, Chuck 3 Units.

CHIC 135 (CORE) Chicano Literature -Velez, Manuel 3 Units

ECON 120 (CORE) Principles of Macroeconomics -Arnold, Becca 3 Units

ENGL 101 (CORE) Reading & Composition -Israel, Ron 3 Units

ENGL 205 (CORE) Critical Thinkg & Int Composition -Safdie, Joe 3 Units

FASH 172 Computer Flat Pattern Design I -Lazear, Susan 3 units

FASH 175 Computer Fashion Design I Adobe -Feori, Meegan 3 Units

GEOL 100 (CORE) Physical Geology -Barrie, Don 3 Units

MATH 119 (CORE) Statistics -Parvini, Shahrokh 3 Units

MUSI 100 Introduction to Music - Korneitchouk, Igor 3 Units

PSYC 166 (CORE) Intro to Social Psychology -Bourdages, Joline 3 Units

SOCO 110 (CORE) Social Problems -Kravatz, Tanya 3 Units

SPAN 101 (CORE) First Course in Spanish -Padilla Barajas, Hannah 5 Units

SPAN 202 Fourth Semester Spanish -Schoenbrun-Fernandez, Dora 5 Units

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