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SPRING 2015 Honors Contract Submission Deadline

Thursday, February 12th at 3pm in I-109


STEP 1: Apply / register each semester

STEP 2: Fill in the Fall 2015 Contract Form online by typing in the all the fill-able spaces. Hand written forms will NOT be processed.

STEP 3: Print it (Click on the button that says "Print Form" on the upper right)

STEP 4: Sign it (page 2)

STEP 5: Create an honors syllabus or addendum in collaboration with your professor by either using the form (page 2) or using 1 of our models listed under “Honors Contract Syllabi Samples” below on this page or create your own: more info under "How to establish an Honors Contract" at

STEP 6: Have your professor sign it (page 2)

STEP 7: Turn it in with an honors addendum attached. (Please do NOT staple page 1 and 2 together)

STEP 8: Give yourself a pat on the back, you are all set!


Subj. Instructor

ACCT Fusco, John

ACCT Lincoln, Judy (unlisted)

ANTH Hinkes, Madeleine

ANTH Geyer, Patrick

ANTH Guenther, Corinna

ANTH Martin, Christine

ANTH Sime, Jennifer

ANTH Valdos, Yanina

ARCH Abe, Valerie

ARCH Barrett, Norman

ARCH Fender, Rob

ARCH Horsman, Larry

ARCH Kay, Ian

ARTF Adame, Angel

ARTF Bermann-Enn, Beate

ARTF Chavez, Patricio

ARTF Laris, Georgia

ARTF Moctezuma, Alessandra

ARTF Rogers, Denise

ARTF Wascher, Sandra

ASTR Levy, Lorenza

BIOL Detwiler, Paul

BIOL Dwyer, Mary

BIOL Koningsor, Robert

BIOL Krown, Kevin

BIOL Plagge, Timothy

BIOL Tam, Tobey

BLAS Ford, Theresa

BLAS Mayasa, Thekima

BUSE Adams, John

BUSE Winston, A

CACM Fitzgerald, Michael

CHEM Budzynski, Donna

CHEM Wang, Yanli

CHIC Moctezuma, Alessandra

CHIC Velez, Manuel

CHIL Gibson, Lou Ann

CHIN Dalton, Ran

CHIN Shi, Shannon

CISC Brown, Craig

CISC Frankie, Tasha

CISC Trinh, Viet

COMS Brimo, Marilyn

COMS Ferguson, Kyle

COMS Hueneberg, Elizabeth

COMS Ross, Mary

COMS Wirig, Kimberlee

CONF Lazear, Susan

DRAM Ye, George

ECON Abajian, Mark

ECON Gordon, Robert

ENGL Allred, Christie

ENGL Barhoum, Sim

ENGL Cost, Jennifer

ENGL Dill, Bert

ENGL Felix, Barbara

ENGL Jacoby, Peter R.

ENGL Pickford, Robert

ENGL Safdie, Joe

ENGL Smith, Wendy

ENGL Sullivan, Chris

ENGL Tucker, Michelle

ENGL Williams, Jason

ENGL Wing, Susan

ENGL Zobell, Bonnie

FREN Lucas, Isabelle

FREN Ornelas, Uriel

GEOG Rossiter, Jonathan

GERM Wrasidlo, Barbara

HEAL Barrington, Elizabeth

HIST Bond, Robert

HIST Cox, Keith

HIST Heisser, Cecily

HIST Jones, Juli

HIST Miano, David

HUMA Israel, Ron

JAPN Baum, Nobu

JAPN Dohr, Ayumi

MATH Bray, Nancy

MATH Brown, Michael

MATH Kuniyuki, Ken

MATH Marquez, Francisco

MATH Parsons, Michelle

MATH Parvini, Shawn

MATH Peters, William

MATH Sandvick, Ron

MATH Underhill, Bruce

MUSI Ratelle, Daniel

NUTR Chu, Elizabeth

NUTR Clark, Katie

NUTR DuPraw, Christine

PERG Hedekin, Anne

PERG Marrujo, Guillermo

PHIL Furrow, Dwight

PHIL Kuttnauer, M

PHYN Gramada, Cezarina

PHYS Siegel, Steven

PHYS Wong, Seung Kai

POLI Rodriguez, Michelle

PSYC Beeman, Amy

PSYC Black, Lisa

PSYC Blake, Toni

PSYC Correll, Espen

PSYC Kaneko, Wendy

PSYC Kanevsky, Inna

PSYC MacKenzie, Laurie

PSYC Markowitz, Karen

PSYC Miyoshi, Dina

PSYC Robinson, Jessica

PSYC Scherer, Stephen

PSYC Seldin, Fredric

SOCO Kravatz, Tanya

SOCO Lawton, J

SOCO Navada, Marianne Ryan

SPAN Lopez, Leticia

SPAN Padilla-Barajas, Hannah

SPAN Primoza, Alison

SPAN Schoenbrun-Fernandez, Dora