Liberal Arts and Sciences

Liberal Arts Degree

The Honors Global Competencies Certificate provides an interdisciplinary and systemic approach in order to prepare students for the highly diverse, technologically-rich, and multilingual global society in which we live. The Certificate offers students the opportunity to gain a global perspective through completion of coursework in intercultural competencies, communication skills, technology skills, and coping skills. This certificate helps students to transfer to four-year institutions in concert with the Honors designation. It prepares students for study and work in the world as a whole in professional fields such as international studies, intercultural studies, language studies, international business, international law, political science, comparative literature, environmental studies, history, technology, social sciences, humanities, teaching, and more.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Degrees

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree is designed to enable students to complete the requirements for an Associate in Arts Degree prior to transfer to the University of California, California State University or an independent/private college or university.

This degree is intended to accommodate the differing requirements of a wide variety of transfer institutions and major options. Because admission and major preparation requirements vary at each transfer institution, courses used to complete this degree should be selected with the assistance of a San Diego Mesa College counselor. Completion of the Liberal Arts and Sciences degree does not guarantee acceptance into a four year institution nor into a major.