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Francisca Rascon



B.A., San Diego State University

M.A., San Diego State University

Francisca Rascon is currently a professor in the Languages Department, Spanish. Ms Rascon earned an A.A. from Imperial Valley College in Foreign Languages; a B.A., San Diego State University in Spanish; an M.A., San Diego State University in Spanish, and has studied at Universidad de las Americas, Mexico City, and University of California, San Diego. She has publications which include "La caracterizacion de los personajes femeninos en Y no se lo trago la sierra" and "Pepenche." In addition, she was the founding coeditor of a campus-wide literary contest at San Diego Mesa College. She has been a part-time foreign language instructor at San Diego Mesa College for the past 15 years and has part-time teaching experience for several years at Southwestern College and S.D.S.U. (Spanish)

Department(s): Languages, Spanish

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